Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wow...this is exciting!!!

Oh my! Only my second post and I have news!! My card entry into the monthly challenge at Cornish Heritage Farms site was chosen as one of the winners for July!! This IS so exciting as I have entered almost every month since April and this month, I'm in the winner's circle!! I will post the card here, although I apologize for the quality of the was taken in haste when our camera died and I had to use a borrowed one from school. Then because I couldn't download it onto my computer (no cord) I had to run to Walmart, copy it to disk from the memory card and then come home post it to CHF....Do you think that's why it won? God blessed all my efforts and hard work with the honor, I'm guessing! :) Anyway, here it is!

For the contest, you had to use all of the stamps included in the 'package' (and only those stamps) as well as sponges to make a background. The actual challenge was to create a scene for the card. I used all Stampin' Up ink and markers, and Crayola Watercolor pencils. Lots of great entries were posted, with a great amount of creative talent displayed! And I thank God for the blessings of today! I am recovering from ankle sprains from a wilderness camping trip we just returned from on Monday this week...and I can today walk (and blog!) painfree! I will post some pictures from the trip sometime soon! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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