Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wow...this is NEW!

I cannot believe I am creating a blog! Me! Well this is only the beginning of something new and different! I love to stamp and make cards and I read stamper's blogs all the time. I have been so encouraged by some of the stamper's blogs I read out there that I think to myself...I can do this! So here it is. Interesting name for a blog, yes? Well, a little background....you see I have loved frogs since I 'met' Kermit the frog on Sesame Street as a little kid. He was funny and he loved to play with language...and that about sums up me! And he was green! So I became quickly associated with all things, well, FROG. And of course, there's the faith part of the equation! Faith for me is a life line and my love of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is above all else! So many believe that faith is a leap, and I guess it is...but once you leap, it all comes together and you can believe anything is possible! So, here we are....Frog of Faith is born! Feel free to stop in and check it out...I have a lot to learn here and I don't mind a guest or two! And I will be posting my card making extravaganzas....just for fun!


  1. Hi! Stampin' Kub here.

    can't wait to see some of your projects that you post. :)


  2. Dear Kim,
    How exciting this venture is for you! I love your definition & explanation of your frog love affair plus your love of Christ. You are such an inspiration to so many & I feel so blessed to know you.


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