Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Gorgeous Day to be Joyful!!

Today is just a gorgeous fall day here in NY! Breezy and cool but with a snap of color! I LOVE fall!! I went to a Body Shop at Home party this afternoon with my my feet feel OH SO PAMPERED!! I also got to 'hang' with my new friend Angie....we share a love of things crafty and she is a scrapbooking/stamping fan, too. She showed me her "pink room"....and I fell in love with it! I adore inspiration and her room was full of inspiring things...a bright window, feathers, jars of buttons and stuff and piles of ink...sigh. Just a wonderful space! I also shared my latest Bella card with her. Let me share it with you too!!!

Actually these are two cards using the same image and general layout. One I gave to my friend Ann with the card kit I gave her last week and one is for my friend Nikki....can you tell which friend prefers BLING?? (I am also sending her glittery earrings so the inside says: Every birthday girl deserves a little bling...I made that up! Tee hee!) One card used SU Palette o'Prints DP and the flowery DP is from Imagine That (Walmart). Both card's images are Loveybella and were received from one of my "bella sistahs". I used SU markers to color them both and then added glittery earrings and necklaces to them using my 'Gelly Roll STARDUST SILVER Pen' by Sakura. I LOVE that I can make her so adorable!

Speaking of adorable, my cat Ollie is meowing for attention right now and looks so picture perfect, I thought I'd snap a shot of her as well! Isn't she so fluffy and PRETTY!? Between she and my other cat, Grace, Ollie is my favorite :) She's also a big scaredy cat, so Grace tends to be the boss. Hey, I didn't teach her that!!! Yeah, I know what you're thinking!!

I also promised that I'd share a pic of my hubby in his canoe. Well here he is :) Isn't his solo canoe so PRETTY??
He is into his canoeing as much as I love my stamping, so while he's on the water, I'm at my table making cards and stamping images to swap. Makes for the perfect time to have time to ourselves. Then we can hang out for dinner or movies and have time together too!! Probably why we'll be celebrating 24 years of marriage next month! And if you thought stamping was an expensive hobby--for some of us anyhow ; ) -- try canoeing!

Well, friends, I must go!! I have some evaluations to write and some other school paperwork to finish! I trust the Lord is blessing you all today whereever you are! God is faithful to give us the desires of our hearts everyday we walk in His light! Have you talked to Him today? He loves you!!! And in ending this blog, I quote Em, Stampingbella herself---
PS As fun as this month has been, I'm looking forward to going green again...I can only take so much PINK!!! ;)


  1. Lovely cards you have here! Great job! Aaanndd... what a cute kitty you have...LOL ;)

  2. Oh now that is one KEYUUUUUTE card!!!


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