Friday, October 5, 2007

A great reason to LEAP!!! (a lot!)

It's been a really good week....a short school week for my students due to the holiday weekend, but so fun!! And we had a conference day today learning more about working with kids with autism in the public schools, and the speaker was great, so with that double reward, it went fast!! And the weather?? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! The fall colors are out and it is sunny and beautiful!!! It's supposed to be a great weekend overall

And my reason to leap?? I am a winner!!! (Well, yes, God's love and being His child makes me a winner everyday....but I mean, I won a contest!) If you are a stamper and you haven't yet visited Cornish Heritage Farms store and blog yet, you gotta!! This week, Liz had a 'treasure hunt' introducing a new line of Kim Hughes stamps...we visited blog and blog of their new designers (14 stops in all), collected clues and signed up for drawings to win FREE STAMPS!!! And I won one!! Yippeee!!!! You see, CHF has the most awesome backgrounder stamps at such GREAT prices!...I get mine unmounted and using an acrylic block, make awesome impressions...they are so versatile!! Here are my presently owned BGers (stamper's lingo for backgrounders) from CHF:

I already have 14 (um, yeah, a LITTLE obsessive!!) , and the stack of them is only 41/2 inches high!! So EASY to store! (That's how high 4 of my wood mounted BG stamps stack!) And then you only need one acrylic block for all of these; you just reuse the block over and over! Wanna see a card I made with one?

This card uses stamping Up's Friendship's Journey, but the BGer is CHF...Victorian Flower BG. So pretty!! This card is being sent out for a swap I'm taking part in on CHF's forum. Swaps are cool in that you send out and are sent four cards and you get to experience techniques, cool stamps and cards to give away or be inspired by...AND you get mail! How COOL is THAT?? Oh and now you know all that.....

Wanna see the CHF BG stamp I won?? Here it is!! This makes 15!! Love it!

The owners of CHF, Richard and Liz have a farm, which is out here to read their blog...and Richard tells me that this is an image of an actual cheesecloth from some cheese they made on the farm!! Being a person who loves to learn stuff like that, I am so pleased to have a story to tell when I send a card made with the image :)

I love winning stamping stuff....feeds my obsession!!

I am also happy for this weekend to attend the Letchworth State Park Craft show....I live minutes from the "Grand Canyon" of the East and every year my mother in law Joyce and I go and wander and fun! The weather being so good, it will be crowded, so we are going early. Hopefully, I can post some pix of the leaves changing...still early yet for peak, but still PRETTY!

So hey, what are you all up to this weekend?? Hope it's special! Feel free to comment on my blogs....I'm going to try to post more regularly and maybe sometime soon post some blog candy!! Wouldn't that be a blast?

Be well and blessed this week! God is faithful! Be sure to pray for our soldiers and our president and other government leaders this week! If we don't, who will???

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  1. Hi there! I just stumbled into your blog and I was the fortunate swapper that got that card!!!
    Thank you so much! It is lovely!


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