Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joy in the new week!

Happy Sunday and happy new week! God has really been speaking to me this week and the message has been the same, "Be anxious for nothing!" It's not like I have a bunch of things to be anxious about, just the everyday little my daughter's concussion in her soccer game, my hubby being away for a few days, my car's grinding noise (John says it's the brakes that need replacing) and stuff like that...really no big deals! But God wants me to be reminded again, for when life gives me lemons :) And God has been faithful in all things...He is sovereign!! Yeah! Imagine if I had to take care of everything in my own strength and power! Couldn't do it! I'd be a mess! But Jesus living in me makes me strong! And he can do the same for you! HE CAN!!

I don't have a card to share this day; my hubby took the camera on his canoeing gathering weekend...but maybe I can post one of him this week. I have been making cards with bella images I've received this week following the sketch of the card I made last week. They are all a little different, so I'll post the latest one soon. I also made a card kit for my friend Ann who will miss work due to surgery. She is a stamper, so I wanted to give her something to do. She is also a knitter, so I included knittabella and some sentiments in the kit...I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!! Stamping really has blessed me as I bless others! How GOOD God is to give me such a happy, healthy addiction....yeah, I know, work on that addiction part. I will! Have a grand week, will ya??

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  1. You're certainly right there - we should have no worries. But we're still in this ol' human flesh, so that's why it's such a struggle. Like you, I'm so glad that God has everything under control & that I don't have to worry about anything. Just need more trust! (you'd think I'd know that by now with all the experience I've had of His faithfulness!!!)
    Thanks for posting the Bella cards - I've been enjoying them - you do such beautiful work!


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