Monday, November 5, 2007

Joy joy joy in a sparkly day!

Hi! What a sparkly day! First, today is my 24th Wedding anniversary! Praise God John has put up with me for this long!! LOL! Just married people know it's a two way street! Yes, that's right....praise God for the grace to put up with him this long!! LOL!!

And! Kels' team WON the SECTIONAL TITLE girl's soccer game with God's grace!!!! So we continue on our run for a repeat showing at the state championships! It's still a long way away but we will concentrate on each game and see what's around the next corner!! If the worse happens, we will be done with varsity soccer games and practices til next year, so it's a win-win no matter what happens :)

So, I promised pictures! Here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......

Last month was pastor appreciation month, so everyone at church signed up for a day of the month to honor the pastor (we have two). We signed up for the end of the month, baked cinnamon and banana bread and added a card of appreciation. I couldn't POSSIBLY use the same card TWICE, could I??? Ah, well, more stamping!! I do so love monochromatic cards, but I also had to try out my prismacolors I recently....ahem..."acquired". This one went to our senior pastor and the next one to our associate pastors. We so appreciate these men of God in our lives!

In case I never told you where to get these amazing stamps---run right now on over to Cornish Heritage Farms! They just recently released a new set of Thomas Kinkades! The lighthouse is on my Christmas list!

The scripture is CHF as well, and it is the Psalm that tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart. Pastor Eric, our senior pastor, once challenged us with this scripture...he thought that perhaps it isn't a promise that God will always give us what we want, but that God himself will put the desires for the things He wants for us into our hearts. I love this way of thinking of things. If we delight ourselves in God, He will reveal for us what He has placed in our very being. Cool, don't you think?

Oh! You want to see a few more cards? Okay! Here is another bella card. I made it for my son's girlfriend's birthday. Kalene is dear to our hearts and I can't wait to see her to give her presents! She is at college, so I'll have to wait until thanksgiving! Grrrr....waiting is not my favorite thing to do!!! (Yes I KNOW patience is a virtue....I just don't know WHY! LOL!!)

She is a blingy girl,so I HAD to add the sparkly butterflies! And she also wants one of those little dogs someday, so this card was perfect for her. I received this image as part of a swap at SCS; I don't have the stamp itself. I used sparkly gel pens for the dress and prismacolors for the doggie! Then I used SU's patterned paper and also the three flower punch and stamps for the just for you. Gina K's Make a wish! sentiment is stamped on twill and BLING! A card!

If you click on the pic, you can see finer details :)

You know, with all this fun, I'm beginning to think working is really putting a downer into my stamping time! (Just a random thought).

Alright, friends, I have time for one more shared card....but I DIDN'T MAKE THIS ONE!! Deb Ring is an amazing stamper I have "met" through the CHF stamper's forum. She and I have exchanged cards several times and her designs always bless me! This one is particularly cool...She used a stencil and then BLEACHED the card!! The lighter color you see is the color that the cardstock changed to after the bleach was applied. Isn't that BEAUTIFUL??? Then she edged the picture with glitter (sparkly!) and put some of that poofy ribbon on the side. I don't have her full 'recipe' for the card so forgive my adjectives! If you want me to get the details from her, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do :)

You all, it's been fun updating you tonight. I have to go to bed and get some sleep so I can help those speech needy kids tomorrow. Be blessed tonight! I'll let you know how our game turns out!!!

PS If you have left a message on my blog...thank you!!! What an encouragement. For those of you who have emailed me....thanks for that, too!!! You are God's gift to me! Arrivederci!


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