Saturday, November 10, 2007

Joyfully, it's the weekend! And a holiday!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to all the VETERANS and MILITARY MEN and WOMEN and FAMILIES who have sacrificed their love, time and lives to make my family safe and free! My uncle Weldon served in the Army for over 20 years. I remember praying for him during the Vietnam war. I am so blessed to still have my uncle here, but so many did not return. Won't you pray for our military families today?

We remember those we have lost and those we support today! Bless you all!!!!

Hurrah! It's finally the weekend! Life has been so crazy busy and high drama, that I am ready for a day to do little chores (and there are always LOTS of little chores, aren't there??). But I am thankful that I can get to you find it as hard as I do to let them slide as you tackle the big things ? They just nibble at my thoughts and I keep thinking....'just wait. I'm gonna get to you soon!' So today's the day!

Before I begin my little adventures, though, I thought I'd keep my promise and post those little purses I've been creating....remember the shower I was coordinating? Well, it was a hit! and so were the purses! Fun!! First here is a pic of Erin (the bride to be!) and I at the shower. They are getting married next Saturday! She's the adorable one, and I'm the tired one on the left.

And here are the purses....well some purses and one tool box gift card for the groom to be. SU Designer paper works wonderfully on this project....I love it! On most of them I included a gift card "pocket" and you'll see one with a ribbon. They are so EASY to whip up in a pinch.


I've also included one I made for my friend's birthday....a 'purse'-onal wish wouldn't you say so ;)
I think I will make Thank you cards for the other coworkers who helped me whip up that shower including Jane, who makes beautiful cakes!! Here is her creation below!! Yum!
Thanks for visiting my blog!! And thanks, too, to Keri for such a WONDERFUL purse tutorial! I love when I look at one of her tutorials and say, I CAN DO THAT! Check out her blog Pink Lemonade! And have a really JOYFUL weekend with your families and doing all those little things that need IS my toilet bowl brush??? Tee hee!!
PS forgive any spacing issues...some days they will not resolve!!!!

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