Monday, November 12, 2007

Supporting Autism Awareness with Joy!

Good day! Those of you that know me well know that I am an educator who has a special corner of my heart set aside for those children I serve that have autism. They are usually my favorite kids in the world! Yes, we all have "Children of our hearts" and God has put these children in mine! Every kid I know with autism loves to laugh...they have the most ADORABLE giggle! With this in mind, I want to send you over to a Mockumentary that makes fun of my other favorite thing....STAMPING! Well, scrapbooking and stamping! The reason I am mentioning it is that these two guys have made a DVD poking fun in a fun way of what all of us do when it comes to stamping and scrapbooking (and that's why it's so's all true!!!) They are making this DVD available for $9.99...with FREE Shipping and Handling!! But the coolest part is, they are giving $1. of every sale towards Autism awareness. What better way to support a cause than to have fun doing it! Click here to watch a trailer of the DVD and then jump right in and support a great cause, Autism Support Daily. You'll feel glad you did! What a great gift for your favorite scrapbooking friends!! Be blessed today!!


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  1. Thanks for spreading the news! We really appreciate it! :) You ROCK!


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