Saturday, January 5, 2008

About me :)

Okay,'s the stuff about me for my 'new' sisters on the blog....even if you know me, maybe you'll learn something new....

The Kim Marie Tutorial!

I'm a 44 year old wife, mom, speech pathologist, missionary stamper :) I have a million interests and obsessions (all healthy and clean, I promise!) and I love to laugh with my family and friends. I have two children who would argue whether they are still-indeed-children at 16 and 22 and two cats, Ollie and Grace. I don't cook much (my hubby is an AMAZING cook, but this is about me, tee hee!) but I DO love to chat and stamp! Card making is my real hobby...I've made a few small 6x6 albums without pictures, but I consider that making 20 card fronts and all is well. :) I've been married almost 25 years and plan on at least 40 more! We live in a rural part of NY near where my hubby and I grew up and, aside from the winter driving, love it! Our families are nearby! I work in a public school and for a local university teaching just one class a semester. I am very involved in our church and Mexico missions and whatever else God sets before us on our path! Between all that and following my daughter's soccer career, we are very busy people. Stamping has allowed me to slow down a bit when the 'stuff' is overwhelming! That's me in a nutshell! For further info, follow my blog! I am going to post once I week....there, I said it!!! Now, to keep my promise :) Oh, and, PS....I am NOT a KimBERLY....I am a Kim Marie....thus, my use of my middle much better for me, as I am rarely "burly"! Tee hee :)

Oh, and a few more cards to see! These were also inspired by Kurtis' challenge!

The first one is a mother-daughter card, as my daughter the budding artist colored the image with my prismacolor pencils and Gamsol mineral spirits! We work so well together! When I retire to write children's books, I want her to illustrate them for me!

For the recipe details of the card, click this link. You may notice the edges of the ribbon are somewhat frayed. To be honest, the ribbon did not cut I decided to pull out some of the thread and use it as a style looks way better in real life!! This snowplay is a GOOD part of winter, which is why I bought this Gina K stamp set, Got snow? I have to find the reasons to enjoy winter!!

Did I tell you I have snowshoes? We're expecting high temps this weekend in the 30's and 40's, but when the snow returns, I'll be snow shoeing this winter!!

For the details of this card, click here! I made this one for a friend at work who is retiring to spend time with her grandchildren! Happiness in grandchildren grows BIG TIME, and kids grow so fast. I was happy she could take the time to spend the rest of her life enjoying them without work interfering!!
I used some stickers from a scrapbooking kit from Stampin' up. This kit was a hostess gift set from the last catalog. Even if you are a cardmaker, these kits are FULL of wonderful stuff and quality of the stickers is amazing! They are cardstock weight and look great on cards, I think! (No I don't sell the stuff, but I COULD!)
I used a direct to paper technique, dragging my purely pomegranate inkpad along the edges of the paper. I love that color. It turned out very pretty!
If you don't have it now, be sure to get some of that Purely Pomegranate ink before the end of the year (it is only available 'til July)! You know, I REALLY don't sell the stuff! :) But I DO have parties twice and year and order monthly, so if you need me to hook you up.....HA! shameless plug, sorry!!
Anyhow! I hope to check out some chickas blogs in my SBS9 group, so this is probably my post for the week! Hope you liked it!


  1. Hi Bogging Sister...great cards & great blog...looking forward to getting to know you xxx

  2. Hi Kim Marie ... really love your happiness grows card very simple and very pretty .. I bet your friend loved this card for her retirement

    Debbie :-)

  3. Hi to a sister of SBS9! It was fun to read your blog and see your pretty cards.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Kim Marie, I am Natalie and I have just joined the Sisterhood, I look fordward to visiting your blog regulary. x

  5. hey kim! Glad to join the sisterhood with you!

  6. Gosh, great intro, I am looking forward to visiting your blog loads more and seeing more of your work.
    SBS9 Louise

  7. Hi blogging sister! I look forward to getting to know you better.

  8. You have some beautiful cards!!
    Lyzzy SBS-9

  9. Hello my sister SBS9-er! I love your blog - and giggled through your introduction of yourself and also marveled at your mother-daughter card (plus the others too - but that caught me!) I can see you are going to be very entertaining and am looking forward to it! AND way to go on welcoming Awilda in Spanish! Since I couldn't do that - I went to Manna'a site and copied her Babel Fish translator html into my blog! ok - gotta go - 7 more sisters to talk to! ttyl!

  10. Just a quickie to say hi to a fellow sister
    look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations
    Gina x

  11. I'm encouraged when I am here! Look forward to getting to know you better!


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