Thursday, January 3, 2008

More sisters?! JOY!!

Yes, I know...I have three wonderful sisters already! And I love all three of them! Hi Kelly, Kristy and Kori!! Today, however I have joined with some Stamping sisters and am now a member of the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers Group 9. Hey! Nine is {FINE} You can see the banner to the right of this post.

I know, right. Pink.

Yeah, well the other colors wouldn't post right....and just my luck, pink worked! Ah well, it's a good contrast to my ever so greenness! (It's just that the color combo reminds me of college...anyone out there remember the Izod shirts? Yeah, eek!)

So, what's this sisterhood all about, you ask? Well, for one thing I get to 'meet' even more stamping pals...or as my daughter would say "stamping cult buddies"! LOL! And it's an encouragement forum where we can all look at each other's blogs and say, "Cool stuff." And those who know me well, know that encouragement is a gift God has blessed me with, and wants me to share with others. And who better than fellow....ur, uh, I mean to say Sister....stampers. {Okay, I encourage a few fellows, too. Love Stamping Kub's blog! Inspiring!} So it sounds like fun, doesn't it?!

In a few days, when we get the official, "this-is-everybody-in-your-group" list, I'll post a link to the other stamping bloggers blogs in my group and we'll officially begin the fun! I've already read a little about those that have already signed on...they're from all over the world! I'll post an "a little about me" post too, as a way of introduction! I adore meeting new people! See you in a few!!

Oh, and I'll share some pictures then following a sketch Stamping Kub has on his blog! My camera battery is charging or I'd do it now! Zing!

Be blessed this weekend, my friends!!'s the weekend!!! (Well, it's so CLOSE, I can feel it!)



  1. Hi Kim Marie,

    I'm one of your new sisters! Love your blog! Looking forward to a fun and creative year.

  2. Hi Kim Marie ... I'm one of your new sisters too .. love the blog and the cards are just soooooo gorgeous ... looking forward to seeing more and getting to know you Debbie :-)

  3. Hi I am Lyzzy, I am also a member of the 9th sisterhood!! looking forward to getting to know you.
    Happy New year

  4. Hi there! I am also one of your new sisters! ! Great blog and looking forward to getting to know you.

  5. Hi Kim Marie... you sound like fun and your blog is great too. Love your style and look forward to visiting for more great things. Here's to all the sisters!! Sue :o)


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