Friday, January 25, 2008

A Wee bit of Joy!

Jackie's Blog Entry Challenge

One of my stamping blog sisters is having a "wee" contest on her blog (isn't it fun to say that?!) She is posting entries, but mine's still in the .jpeg stage :)
So for YOU, a sneak peek! This is my entry, but be sure you check out her blog as well, so you can see everyone's ideas and her challenge. It included using some kind of technique on the card.
For the flower and shamrock, I used the masking technique and to be's not the most fun technique for me to do...but I love the results! The challenge for me is that you have to think backwards. I used this technique on my winning card I made for CHF's stamp of the month, so long ago. Very challenging for "Mrs. Goal Oriented, Let's Move Forward, No Reason to Look Back" girl!! :) But you all KNOW I love a challenge and I never give, Here it is :)
Hey, I'm going bowling with a bunch of friends from work, so I gotta go, but have a great weekend if I don't see you! Blessings!
Love ya!


  1. Lovely card, makes me think that Spring is just around the corner!

  2. Lovely card, good luck in the challenge. x

  3. Beautiful spring flowers,good luck Sue :o)

  4. Lovely card ... such pretty colours .. reminds me of spring days to come ... good luck with the challenge

  5. Love the card . . I made a card for the challenge but the wrong theme ! !

  6. Great card! the little shamrock is so cute!

  7. Super cute card! I need to get busy myself and make a card for this challenge.

  8. You know how much I love flowers and nature. So, I think this is beautiful!



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