Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day to Ye!!

I love this holiday...everyone I know wears my favorite color and I don't have to give a reason for being a red head!!

Little known Kim trivia: I portrayed an Irish landlady in the play Showboat in high school! I was the only one that could do the Irish lilt when I spoke so he gave me the part. The director asked if I had an old Irish grandma somewhere, but no, my grandma was a blonde, blue eyed English woman. I have been blessed with a "good ear" and have always been able to change my accent and imitate lots of different voices and people. No, you do NOT want to hear my Yoda impression! LOL!!

The above card is made using Gift Art by Belinda Landtroop. She is the owner and artist of Clear Artistic Stamps and every month, she emails those on her mailing list electronic art to use in designing your own creations. They are always beautiful and here is my February card using her designs. I also used Everyday blessings DP from Papertreyink to border the design. I love the celtic knots that are in the illumination of the 'I' in Irish. Isn't it beautiful?

The Clear Artistic Stamp forum has a color palette challenge every month. My take on the color palette is here. I calligraphered a scripture to fill in the top of the card and a white gel pen to accent here and there. The images are from CAS as well. I've said it before but it bears repeating...these acrylic stamps are a DREAM to stamp with! I have been saving these images from the first moments I got the stamps and I HAD to ink them up! They all happened to fall into the color palette at once! Lucky me, huh? Well, blessed anyhow!

So, wondering where I have been??

As I have pointed out to even myself too many times...work has kept me absolutely BURIED. I am slowly seeing a tiny wee light at the end of the long tunnel leading to summer vacation (and Mozambique!) so I crawl that way...still so much STUFF, but a small break is coming if I can make it through two more days!

Sorry to all my SBS sisters...I check in as often as possible, but it's so very hard! I cannot even now believe it is after midnight!! ARGH! Why is 5:30 am so close to midnight? Well, I better run to bed....thanks for being out there looking for me! Hoping to be back soon!



  1. Lovely cards, Kim! Love your colligraphy. Will pray for your strength and stamina!

  2. Just to let you know there is some blog candy up for grabs on our blog! xxx

  3. Pretty little card Kim!! Sue :o)

  4. Great stuff! Love what you did with the gift art and how the color palette came together for you, very neat :)

  5. Wonderful Cards - I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day :)

  6. Your cards are so beautiful. Hope your work load lightens up so you can get back to playing with your stamps!

  7. Great cards Kim!!! We know you are busy so check in when you can! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  8. great Irish card!! and it does take a good ear to do the Irish lilt and even to tell the difference between the Irish lilt and the Scottish burr...My mom's dad came from Perthshire Scotland and my dad's mom came from Carrickmacross Ireland. So while I may not be able to do both full well - I can tell the dif!! LOL


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