Monday, March 31, 2008

Please pray

Hi all,
because I know all of you will...

I wanted to ask for some intense prayer for a good school friend of my daughter's that was involved in a car accident this weekend...Brennan is a junior in high school, plays in band with her and is like an annoying brother my DD (meaning they are close!). He was a passenger riding with two friends when they hit something near a one lane bridge (fuzzy details still); B's bag did not deploy...they were all wearing seatbelts....He sustained serious spinal injuries that will be operated on when he is stabilized. Please pray for his surgery, recovery and the friends who are so worried about him that I seriously doubt any learning will be taking place at school. This particular surgery could cause paralysis, so please pray for a full recovery and no lasting effects. My DH and DD are at the Hospital lending support to the family. (I had class tonight). Many of their friends are taking off school to go up during the day. It is a very serious situation and your prayers and belief in a full healing would be so appreciated. I will keep you updated. Thanks so much.

BTW, the other two friends escaped with cuts and bruises, praise God!

Kim Marie


  1. I'll be praying for him, Kim. Do keep us posted!

  2. How devastating this has got to be for the family and friends of this young man. He is at the top of our prayer list!

  3. How terrible - I really feel for his parents!!! I will keep him in my prayers Kim!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. My thoughts and good wishes for a full recovery are with you and all family and friends. Sue :o)


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