Friday, March 28, 2008


Can you believe it??

It's supposed to be spring!! These are a few snapshots of my front yard at 7 am this morn...the tree is actually a lilac tree :( and the plows are antiques I inherited from
my uncle that we use to decorate the yard.

About four inches fell last night and it is HEAVY snowman-type snow. My school delayed opening for an hour, but it was the only one around here that did. Everyone else had a full day! YUCK!

The reason I am sharing it with you is that my SBS sister Sue has a challenge on her blog...well, God bless her heart, her challenge was supposed to be to show off some flowers in your spring garden...but we don't even have grass here! So she was gracious enough to expand the challenge for those of us in the world that are "Spring challenged"....and my weather cooperated just enough to make it exciting. Hoo boy.....

Also, notice my pretty new siggy line....thanks to a bunch of SBS sister's tips and sites, I have downloaded a signature that pretty closely resembles my own. Isn't it pretty?? And fun to do...easy, peasy! Go here to check it out.

Love ya! Off to make some cards!

PS Get well wishes to my stamping buddy and good friend Ann D! Be well and stamp lots, Ann!


  1. Oh this is beautiful to look at!!! I am sure its not so nice to live with!! Good luck Sue :o)

  2. OOOhhhh this looks cold, I love fresh snow but we don't get that much, happy spring :)
    Gina x

  3. Thankfully, it's in the high 40s here today. Stay warm! {{{Hugs}}}

  4. Great photo's Kim Marie, We had snow just like it last week, but it did not last long. x

  5. Wow!! Lots of snow!! I sure hope you get Spring there soon Kim, brrrr.....*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  6. So pretty, Thanks for sharing your lovely veiw!

  7. I know how you feel we had snow on Easter Sunday!!!

  8. I love the snow! You are so lucky. Fabulous signature!


  9. wow - lots of snow! Thankfully - I think we are done with it...although I may have just jinxed the Lehigh Valley in PA...I am sooo ready for spring....and for sunshine!!! Your turn will come soon! I can't wait to see you lilac in bloom - I have an itty bitty lilac bush my DH planted for me last year...anxiously awaiting its bloomin!


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