Saturday, March 1, 2008

The weekend again already!? Joy!

Hi everyone! How was YOUR week? Mine seemed so long....yet here it is the weekend AGAIN! Life is so busy! I did get some late nights of stamping in, so lots to share this week...

First, though I wanted to say THANKS! to all who are visiting my blog and leaving comments...they are SO encouraging to me! You all are really the BEST! I wanted to start by sharing this card:

Yes, she is the other Tilda and Co. image my SBS sister Sue sent me all the way from the UK...I again used my copic markers that I won from Gina K's blog candy contest a month or so ago....lots of you are asking about the Copics (Gina pronounced it cope-ick...with a long 'o' sound). So here is my take on them in a mini-faux interview with myself (hey, any excuse to talk to myself and rationalize it as 'normal' is okay, isn't it? Tell me I'm in the right blogsphere, here, if you would ;) This is one 'faux' that is more of a friend, yes?? Tee hee!

Faux: So, did you always want these Copic, from the beginning??

Kim: Well, they looked good from here, but actually, Faux, all I could think of was: oh great, another new 'must have' way....but in reality, I have a pen obsession! It's true! I do calligraphy and love to write words as I doodle and I have ALWAYS loved pens; actually I love any kind of writing utensil! But Copics are pretty pricey, so I was back to 'no way'....

Faux: And, then, how did you come to have these 'must haves'?

Kim: Oh, I commented on Gina K's blog and she picked my name out of, like, 1400 names. Who can argue with FREE?? And of course I was so blessed! She has the BEST blog candy!

Faux: Yes, we know, we read your blog about that, here. And I understand you chose Copic Box B. What made you decide that box over boxes A, C, or D?

Kim: Well, it was an intense decision....I got some online opinions on the Gina K forum on SCS, but everyone had a different opinion. I called Gina K and asked her opinion as she is an amazing card and stamp designer and I respect her and her love of the pens. I mean, markers. She actually suggested box A, then told me that her artist daughter actually preferred box B as a good starter set. It comes with a blender pen and has lots of skin tones. The skin tone thing was the thing...I always have had trouble with getting good skin tone coloring of my images....and my daughter is also artistic and she is forever drawing people, so.....

Faux: And what do you think of these pens? Okay, markers?

Kim: Love them...glad I won them, because the cost is still prohibitive for me...but they are VERY easy to color with. There are no overlapping "marker" lines, which is sweet...your image looks so SMOOTH. The pens are double side is a brush and one side is a (SUPER SWEET!) calligraphy point! Just what I needed!! More calligraphy pens! And there are a MILLION things that you can do with Copics, which are alcohol based, that I am only beginning to learn and explore. So the coolest thing is that it is a new adventure for me! And I have learned that they are refillable, so they will literally last forever...on earth anyhow!

Faux: Would you recommend this adventure to others?

Kim: Absolutely! Gina K has a "club" where you can purchase the set in installments if you wanted to pay a bit at a time. If you want to stop in at my house in NY sometime, we can play with them, too! And if you visit Gina's blog, be on the lookout for amazing blog candy....the set I won was the SECOND time she has given some away! Her blog is a favorite as I LOVE her stamps! Even now, I await my latest NEEDS to arrive! :) {By the way, her blog candy this week is a Scor-pal!}

Oh! I have some chores to do! I'll be back sometime soon! Be blessed and check in again....more to post!



  1. Kim Marie, I love your interview!!! You are so funny.

    You have sold me on these pens especially since you don't get that dreaded overlap look that normal pens leave.

    I must pop over to Gina K.'s and check these out.

    Oh, and I love that card! You did a great job coloring it in!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Great card and great coloring of that sweet image! I've heard those copics are amazing to color with!! I would love to have a scor-pal too so I must hop over there and check out her drawing!

  3. You crack me up Kim!!! I love your Tilda card, she is absolutely darling and your coloring is awesome! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. What a lovely card. Great interview by the way. These pens look fab. x

  5. LOL The dialog was great Kim...I could here it all from here!

  6. La la laaaaaaaaaaa I'm NOT listening................. I'm NOT going to be suckered into buying those la la.......... :-)

    I just tagged you on my blog. I hope you play along and have fun!

  7. Great interview! I love your blog. I have to find out more about these markers! :)

  8. LOve the interview :) Love the card! Nice job colouring. TFS!

  9. oh dear now I need copice markers too!!! does the list never end. Great job with the image I love it so cute!! Sue :o)


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