Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Challenge Entries!!

My amazing friend Manna's card #1

My friend Manna's card #2
My friend Kathy G's entry
SBS sister Debbie Yates entry

My friend Wendy's challenge card for her DH b'day!

Wendy's DH, Eric's challenge card using Wendy's card as inspiration!

my friend Deby's Entry!

My friend Roxanne's challenge Entry!

SBS9 Sister Alex's Entry

SBS9 Sister Natty K's #2 Entry :)

SBS9 Sister Natalie K's #1 Entry

My sweet and funny friend Holly made these twin cards for the challenge.


  1. Looks like you already have some great cards for your fab sketch. I will get mine done...soon!!

  2. They are lovely, I made mine yesterday, I will blog it today. x

  3. Great cards for your sketch. I will do mine this weekend, fingers crossed.


  4. I also promise to get my done really soon - preferably before you go off to Africa ! ! !

  5. Kim,
    Here is the link to my card for your challenge


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