Monday, July 28, 2008

CHA the end :)

These are my final CHA uploads....CHA was a lot of things: meeting inspirational people, learning new techniques and trying new products and being enveloped by creativity and even getting some "freebees". The above pix are some things we received in classes or at different booths throughout the convention. Sometimes you'd get a shirt or apron and if you wore it throughout the event, you might be chosen to win a prize! One thing you will never need to bring should you get to a CHA event....tote bags!!! Everyone is giving one away and I came home with nine of them (two of which I decorated as a make and take!)

The second photo above was all the stuff we were given at the Tim Holtz workshop...besides the 8 different products and techniques we tried in the two hours it took to make the tag book you see in the picture, we also learned a few AMAZING, um, (close your ears SU demos!!) we learned that ink, being a suspended medium, does not need to be stored upside down! Gasp! I know, right! And another kernel of wisdom...the best vellum adhesive?? A glue stick!! It's true! We tried it...dried clear! So much for all those adhesives we've been buying up!! I am free! Honestly, Tim's workshop was the highlight of our trip. He is funny, charming and knows and loves his craft...and he was EVERYWHERE at the show. I have a TON of respect for him and his products! Wow. I shook his hand but stopped short of getting a "stalker picture"...this time! ;)

These next pix show another highlight of the show for me...this is Heidi Grace (who doesn't know Heidi Grace designs....check her out online!) She sat in that chair for HOURS taking requests and making little sketches for each person who waited in line! We were actually there at 5 pm when she took our requests....I asked for a frog....and she said she'd never made one before!! I "sketched" two big eyes and she took off from there.

Here he original Heidi Grace frog....first edition!!

And I can now say with confidence that I have been part of Heidi's design consultant team ;) Well, not really, but almost....

Finally, here is one of the biggest pluses for a guest like me....ideas! I had so many different kinds of ideas come rushing to me during this weekend it was are a few booths that inspired....too many to post, but this will give you a taste :)

Thanks for living vicariously through me these last few posts. I am almost all packed for Africa, so my next post will be after I come back! Be blessed everyone! I'll miss you!!

Love ya!

PS Forgive the spacing issues...more pix, more problems...I finally gave up on the edits! K~


  1. What? You didn't get a pix with
    t!m? Love Heidi's frog! And the scrap page looks like our very own Alex's DIL to be?!? Glad you had such wonderful time.

  2. I loved reading all your details on CHA! Sounds like you had the most fabulous time and met some incredibly talented people! Loved all the pictures.


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