Friday, July 25, 2008

CHA part ONE!

Have you ever seen one of those, what I call, "Sports miracle movies"?? You know the kind; the small town team struggling to win any games at all (you name the sport) and a coach comes along and makes such a radical change in attitude/skill of the team that they go on to the BIG GAME in some GIGANTIC, impressive stadium/court/field?? And as the team enters "the arena" there is a big 'hush' of awe and one team member whispers to another something like, "We made it! We're really here!"

That was CHA for me. The road trip with my friend Betty was priceless as we talked for hours and hours! The staying at Betty's friend's Sandy's house in Milwaukee was a great blessing as I felt like family there (and brushed up a bit on my rusty Spanish!) And then...the! Pictures CANNOT do it justice, but here's a few...I'll post several times so you don't have to take it all in at was HUGE and that's an understatement. We had classes on Thursday and familiarized ourselves with the convention center. I think I can safely say I saw about half of the show on Friday and Saturday. Then we left on Sunday. Still, wow.

One of the most exciting things was meeting some of the people I've come to know online (and are, like, my stamping mentors of a sort!) Okay, maybe it was the most exciting thing!

This is me with some of the Cornish Heritage Farms designers and amazing creative artists! Me, Lori Craig, Julie Campbell and Lisa Silver. They had been training on Copic markers all day, but were gracious enough to stand in for a picture. I also met Becky Olson, but didn't get a photo with her. What a blessing to meet everyone! I love these ladies over at CHF!Lisa and I were able to talk a little bit during the show which was so nice! (everyone was very busy, but 'connecting' was a great pleasure, even for a bit!) I was also able to meet Richard Pomeroy, one of the CHF owners....he was great! I got a picture with him, but he is sticking out his I won't post that one! Tee hee... ;)

This is me with Lisa Johnson! She designs for Papertrey Ink, but I also follow her Poppy Paperie blog. She also just released her first stamp set under PTI. She is a sweetheart

Finally......big drumroll!!! One of my very favorite people in the stamping industry....yes, I was (and AM) beside myself in wonder that we connected......I finally got to meet GINA K!!!! AHHHH! Oh my! Gina is one of the most generous and wonderful people and she was just the sweetest thing! Here we are in a now famous photo op: (famous in my house that is!!)

I also got to meet Deb Olsen, and Tim Holtz...two people whom I respect greatly in their creativity and craft. Deb and I shared a hug and Tim and I a handshake. More about Tim's workshop later....

There were a lot of other people I admire but didn't connect with during CHA...including Kim Hughes from CHF, Nichole Heady at Papertrey Ink, Em of Stamping Bella fame and Kurtis A (Stampin' Kub). I didn't really see them in the three days I was there, but I wished I had.

Oh, there's one more 'meet and greet' I never in a lifetime dreamed would happen....
Yes of's Me, Cuttlebug, Betty and Cricut! Now that's a dream come true!! Til next time!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!!!
    So glad you met some of your stamping heros

  2. Looks like a fabulous time Kim Marie, love the pics with the cuttlebugs, too cute! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. Thanks for sharing your photo's with us, the last one really made me smile. Looks like you had a fab time. x

  4. Wow Kim Marie, sound fabulous can't wait to see more!


  5. Glad you had a great time. What great piccies and memories!

  6. WOW what an adventure and a half. Grat description of all that was happening and a lovely in sight to the world of CHA from a UK prospectus.


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