Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jumping for Joy!

I am so blessed!! I found out my name was randomly drawn to win two different sets of stamps. One is from Clear Artistic Stamps...I put my name in during the new release of their sets on my friend Wendi's blog. The girl whose name was chosen actually won twice (two different blogs) and she asked Wendi to pick again...(thanks Heather!) Wendi picked me next!! The set I won, Delicate Moments, is beautiful! Check it out!!

The second set I just found out about last night. It's Melanie Muechinger's "Jumping for Joy" set from Gina K!! I merely voted on a blog card posted for one of her challenges and my name was randomly drawn to receive one of her newest sets! Melanie makes the most FUN sets ever!! Click on her name to check out her really fun blog! And be on the look out for a card using this set in the near future!! I mean...African animals!!! Do you think that relates?! :)

For those of you saying, Kim, you win everything!! I want to encourage you! You can win, too! The odds are very good! Sometimes all it takes is a comment on a person's blog or creation. Be brave!! Also I choose a handful of blogs to visit regularly. You don't have to read a million different blogs (although is VERY tempting!) Just pick a few, check in and trust me, y0u'll have an opportunity to win, too! The more you try, the greater your chances!

Speaking of blog winning....have you tried my card challenge yet??? The prize packages are a SURprize! You'll see!

Jump for Joy today! It is a day of REST! Rest in God's presence today and I will guarantee it, you will have peace! God is so so GOOD!

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  1. Fabulous news Kim Marie! You really deserve them!


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