Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick hi and a mystery???! I am really really too tired to post a real post yet.....CHA was AMAZING and FULL of FUN! Pictures will follow soon....we are in the midst of vacation bible school this week, and I am storytelling every night (including setting up a new stage every day) so not much time online....and packing, too!!

But I do have a MYSTERY TO SOLVE!! On the first night of VBS, a package was left on my front door at my house....can you help me solve it?!

These were found in a bag hanging on the door handle! My first thought was an SBS9 sister who was in the neighborhood....but from England?? Shouldn't I know who was in town??? Or is this from my still mysterious Secret sister from across the pond?? Then I thought maybe a Splitcoast stamper person fulfilling a WishRAK, as they put only Kim Leach rather than Kim Marie...then I thought maybe my SBS sister Sue would be the culprit as that little smiley at the bottom is her trademark...but I just can't figure it out....Did you visit me, Sue??

Well in any case, THANK YOU!!! I was blessed....Tildas have become a new favorite of mine as my blog readers well know and now I have even more coloring to do!! Thank you to my secret pal...I'm only sorry I didn't get to hug you in person!! :(

Any help to solve this one would be appreciated!!!

Oh, and by the way......I LOVE THE FROG CARD! I just can't stop looking at all the glittery frogs! ;)


  1. Sorry, Kim Marie, can't help you there! But sure glad to have youback for a little bit. Have a great and fun time in Mozambique.

  2. Can't help ya Kim, sorry!!! Nice goodies though!! Can't wait to see your pics from CHA!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. I'm no help either, but what a blessing!

  4. Dun da dun dun!!!! The plot thickens! Being the old cynic that I am I would be puzzling two thoughts.
    1 - how kind of someone to think of me with this wonderful gift...and
    B - some weird person is trying to lure me with gifts

    Go with the 'how kind someone is' thought, it's for the best!!


  5. Not me but wish is was because that would mean I was in NY. Sue :o)

  6. Wasn't me either ! ! ! Still at school working when they were delivered !


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