Monday, July 14, 2008

To CHA I go!! And then, the other side of the World!!

My friend and I are leaving to drive to CHA in Chicago very very early (like 5 AM!) on Wednesday morning, so I will be gone through the next Monday, but then I will be CRAZY busy as a storyteller/puppeteer for our VBS (Victory Kidz Club) every night the following week, so although I promise pictures of me meeting some of my stamping mentors...I think it will be a bit before I get back to blogland! And then I'll be getting ready for Africa!!!

These maps show my mission destination. The first is the entire African continent and the second, zoomed in, map has the city of Beira, which you can see if you click on the photo. Thinking about the fact that I will be eating in Johannesburg on my way to Beira is just under 3 weeks is too overwhelming! Better get back from Chicago first!

Have a blessed next couple of weeks if I don't catch up with you! Work on that sketch! I'll post any entries I receive through Tuesday pm.

Oh! My mom is finally entering rehab in the hospital! A major victory!! Thanks for--and please keep--praying!

God loves you! Me too!


  1. Have fun at CHA, then VBS, then AFRICA!!!!!!!! WOW what busy few weeks you have ahead of you!!! Be sure to take extra Vitamin C to keep that immune system up while you are all over the globe!!! Much love and hugs!


  2. Wow Kim Marie, you are going to be so busy the next couple of weeks. So jealous of you going to CHA!
    Take good care of yourself in Africa!


  3. Have a great time in Africa. I am pleased to hear about your mum. x

  4. You have a wonderfully exciting time coming up - look at that schedule, girl!! Have a FABULOUS time at CHA, I am soooo very jealous but glad you get to go!! Glad to hear your mom is moving toward recovery!!


  5. You are so busy!! I know you are having a super time at CHA right now, and I hope you have an equally wonderful time in Africa....amazing! Good news about your mom, too! I am sure that is a relief to your family to have her settled.

    Have a great day!

  6. Gosh you are a busy little bee, hope everything goes well in Africa I am sure it will be a fantastic experience. Look forward to hearing all about it. Sue :o)


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