Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy week!

Hi everyone! Happy week! We had a fabulous family weekend. Here's a snap of my girls that we took at Niagara Falls in their snazzy raincoats you wear on the Maid of the Mist boatride...aren't they so cute??

School started today and besides the headache I've had since 8 am, it was a good day! Scheduling therapy services are a BEAR, especially once you get out the high schooler's schedules! I work with ages 4-18! I think, with God's help, I almost got it down today...til tomorrow! LOL! Honestly, relying on God is the only way this thing comes together, and I pray a lot in these first days. Especially when I see which kids make it back for another year and which ones don't. One of "my kids" who is 16 didn't come back. I am so sad. He has a tough life and I can see why he might give up on school...I mean, should he really have to worry about homework when he barely has a home life?? I continue to pray for him.

Hey, do any of you read the comic strip, For Better or for Worse? I've been reading it for years and years...since just after I had my first baby, oh, 22 years ago. The strip is drawn by Lynn Johnston, a Canadian artist. One of the things I've always loved about the strip is that the characters grew up in real time...and the life of her characters were so real, I sometimes thought she must have hidden cameras in my house! So why am I telling you all this? Well, Lynn has decided to end the strip as far as the growth of her characters, so really the last chapter of the life of the Pattersons has just ended and the book is finished....I am so happy for her, but sad for me! She will continue to publish some of her original strips with a more modern look, and I will enjoy those, but I will miss checking out the new and exciting things....isn't it funny how wrapped up we can become in something so simple? If you have a chance, check out some of her strips...her site is really interactive and you can look at months of the strip at a time to follow a story line. My personal favorite story was when her teenaged character April befriended a girl with learning disabilities....see all that storyline here. The last strip on the first page is my absolute favorite of the story.

I also wanted to share the cards I am making to send to our Church sponsored missionaries this Christmas. We are putting cards made by a few of our stamping crew on a table in church so everyone can sign them during our mission emphasis month. Then we will send the cards to them with a gift for the families. Mine will go to Egypt, the Middle East (an undisclosed location) and locally to a missionary that helps international students. I chose to make all three of mine the same as I had only a little time, but check out these cards made by one of my stamping cult buddies, {as my DD likes to call my friends}.



  1. You have beautiful daughters, Kim Marie! Bless you for all you do for the kiddos. You have a great big heart for working with them. And your cards for the missionaries are lovely! I have that set too.

  2. Great post...and great cards!! I know what you mean about the kids...we just started and I pray that the ones who really need me come back...at this point in my life I have tons of children...and I love every one!!

  3. They are gorgeous girls Kim - and they have beautiful smiles!! Love your cards and I am sure they will too! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. Ha....my husband calls it The Cult, too!!! Wonder what's up with that??

    Your daughters managed to look great in those beautimous raincoats that they provide at the Falls.....but you'd be drenched without them! I opted not to do the boatride with my husband when we went and just took photos from above.

    Love your pretty Christmas cards!

    Have a great day!

  5. Your girls are georgeous and I think the one on the left is just like you!!!
    I love the cards as well, I must think about starting mine soon.

  6. You go girl...great cards and pics - I love the Falls but we ususally go to the Canadian side for a better view. Nowadays it is harder to get into Canada but so worth the wait.
    Your girls are so pretty....just like their Mama!

  7. So pretty and what a wonderful project! I know those families will be blessed by your thoughtfulness, Kim! :)


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