Saturday, August 30, 2008

An honor, a challenge and a post...finally, a post!

Thank you all my fans for continuing in your patience...I know we are all so so busy, but this blog has been yelling my name ever since I got back! It is a jealous blog and kept saying, "Where are you???" "Why aren't you stamping?!" "You even missed my anniversary!!" Hoo boy. So sorry! I have been overwhelmed with projects to finish before school, but it's all good. Really!

First...I received an award while I've been 'gone'. This one is so cute and school-like! Thanks, Rox! I love your blog, too! My friend Roxanne sent this award my way and I'm so glad to know her.

Also I do have a card that should have been posted two weeks ago!

Gasp! My SBS9 green and purple card challenge began mid August and here I am just posting now...hoo boy. SBS9 sisters, please comment here and link your challenge card in the comment. I will add all your cards to my blog and on the last day of the first week of school (Friday, September 5th) I will randomly choose an SBS9 sister winner! Here's my card to get you inspired!! {Gina K stamps, JOY sticker from creative memories and my SBS secret sister, Lulu and the new kiwi color from SU as well as PTI's purple paper and ribbon; and two OTC brads} :)

Also, I want to share this little booklet that I made for my trip to see, I have both prayer and financial partners who support my trip when I go...and because they commit to pray for me the whole month...I pray for them, too. This is the way I kept track of who to pray for while I was on my trip. The stamp set is Clear Artistic stamp's Delicate moments. I stamped a piece of vellum for the cover, cuttlebugged it, glued it to a covered piece of piece of CS with SU's Winter designer paper, and used Nestabilities oval diecut to make the book and pages with the same DP. I attached the vellum piece with a glue stick. Then I calligraphered the name(s) of those individuals who supported my trip on each page. I originally had ribbon on the ring, but they kept falling in the dirt floors in Africa, so I put them as markers in my bible instead! :)

Me? Oh, I am working on my report from Mozambique, editing a friend's book, stamping thank you's for my mission supporters, prepping my lectures for my college class, organizing for school stuff {for both me and my girls! Our exchange daughter, Em, arrived from Denmark two weeks ago today! See her below?} Oh, and I'm coodinating a mission month for church with new speakers every week in September. Oh, and getting ready for that cruise I told you about last spring. Yes, six more weeks to go for that and boy, will I need it!

I am so missing blogging, stamping and hanging out with all of you! Know that you are all on my mind, but God has been so good to me with all of my 'projects', how can I complain?! And for those who continue to keep my mom in prayer...she remains in the hospital (she was out for a few weeks while I was gone, but back in a few days after I returned!) continue to keep her in prayer, please! A lot going on there too! I am longing for the routine of school just so there is a routine. I'll post more soon! Blessings to you all and happy fall!


  1. What did you use to color the little blue flower? Is is so VIVID! I love your blog and read it regularly.

  2. I am tired just reading all the things you have going on right now. Love your card. Just proves that sometimes less is more.

  3. Your card is adorable! We'll have to share stories when you get back in October. Yours from the stamping cruise,(lucky you!), and mine for the 3 day walk.

  4. WOW, Kim Marie, sounds like you have your whole plate full! Bless your heart! I'll be praying for you & your Mum! I have 2 green & purple cards for your challenge. Will post later on for tomorrow and the next day.

  5. WOWZA! you really do have a lot on your a matter of fact, I think you picked up TWO plates from the buffet of life! And aren't you good trying to clear those plates too! And doing it with a smile on your face and prayer in your heart! Thank God for people like you- don;t get yourself all frazzled - we love to hear from you, but don;t stress about posting!!
    ((()))hugs and prayers

  6. Love your card Kim, I have added my card to my blog, hope you like it.

    Natalie x

  7. Yesterday, forgot to say, your card is very pretty! And I love your prayer booklet also what a great idea!

    And HERE is my first green & purple card!

  8. OK, HERE is my second and last card for your challenge. Hope you like :)

  9. You have absolutely inspired me with your post - First, I love your prayer ring!! Just a darling idea - And, woman - you are on fire for the LORD! Look how many different ways that He uses you for His glory! Kim, You are such a blessing!


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