Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So much!

I'm home!! And so much to say...but not a ton of time to say it...I am still reeling from the time took 30 hours of travel to get home...and my body is still 7 hours ahead time wise....up at 2:30 am two nights in a row! Then suddenly around 8 pm, I feel exhausted and my eyes droop!!

Our Team from the church...our team leaders were Bill and Carolyn...the man on the end of the row and the woman kneeling. We were joined by Bill's sister Penny (to Bill's left). Doug and Will, Bill's Cousin and Uncle had already left when this pic was snapped, but they were part of our team as well. I am in the shade behind John and next to Jeff and our Pastor Matt stands next to Penny. Don't we look so enthusiastic?!
Our Mozambique Team for the week....see me in the second row third from the right?

The trip in a nutshell: we were able to build A LOT of the church we were working on...we were the middle team, so there is a final team there now finishing the church to ready it for its dedication the first week in September. It was an exciting time full of blessing (the church services were amazing musical services) and adventure (one of our team killed a rat in the dining building and four of our team fell 12' from the scaffolding when our first attempt at putting up the roof trusses collapsed) But God was in control of it all and we all are safe, sound and home. The days were long (10-11 hours) and we were exhausted and filthy from all the construction dust and such, but thankfully there were showers (slightly warmer than cold) and our hosts prepared good food, so we were ready to go again by 6 am every morning. Sadly, the opportunity for using my puppets with the kids did not present itself this time. School was in session during the day so we were not around too many kids. I did meet a few at the bible school where we stayed as their families were up late grinding puppet Pedro made a new friend, Dominga. There were also a few kids at the house where we prepared and ate our lunch, so I did get to hang out with them a few days. Mostly though, it was all about the building of the church. I can now say I have been a carpenter, mason and all around menial laborer! And it was fun and very rewarding. The church members were there working alongside us and it was a blessing to toil together for the Lord! We are all healthy, if a bit sore of muscle, and no one missed a day of ministry. How Good God is! Oh, we didn't really see animals on this trip as we were in a city all the time, but here is a termite hill just a stick's throw from my tourquoise tent! (Matt is 6' tall, btw)

Now begins the real whirlwind here at home...getting ready for our exchange student from Denmark, starting the teaching of my college class (a week from Monday! Eek!) and Missions emphasis month in church through September (guess who heads that up!?) I am crazy! But God is so good and I will be blessed! Thank you for all so much your support and love of me and my mission! I want to leave you today with a video I took with my camera at the church service in Mozambique. This scene was played out over and over again throughout the services as each group of people (young adults, fathers, mothers, and even visitors--that meant us on our second week there!) stood up and sang praises to God. Just incredible.

Back tomorrow with my sketch challenge winners! Blessings!


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photo's from your trip, what an amazing thing to do. x

  2. Looks and sounds like a fabulous and rewarding experience Kim Marie - thanks so much for sharing! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. Thanks for sharing your great adventure with us.. it sounds amazing. Sue :o)

  4. The video is great and I look forward to hearing more of your amazing trip.

    I think I told you (and maybe not!) that we once had one of our church missionaries from Mozambique stay with us for a few days. She was helping to escort a group of young Christians from Mozambique to our General Assembly. They sang at our church before they left and I have to say - they did not need a microphone! They were awesome, happy and very loud!

    That termite mound is rather daunting! yikes!

  5. Great work Kim! Thanks for sharing pics and info about your work. Praise God!

  6. Oh wow Kim Marie! that trips sounds like it was a hard working trip but so well worth the time and effort! I am so glad you had a good time!

  7. The photographs are amazing Kim Marie. It looks as though it was very hard but extremely rewarding work.
    Well done!


  8. So glad you are back safe and sound! Great pix of your trip!


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