Saturday, September 13, 2008

So busy, so crazy, so tired.....but so GRATEFUL!

Hi all my faithful friends!
I am here! Living life for sure, multiply blessed and trying to find a good time for stamping!!

You have all heard about my crazy days, so you know that I would be here every day if I could, devouring all your wonderful blogs and cards and such....I long for more time to just BE.

I am involved in so many wonderful things, but I am getting tired, so I have promised my family and God that I am going to scale back on my very sincere "Yes! Sure! What a great idea; I 'd love to!" and start saying, "Oh, wow, what a great idea! I just can't right now...." That way I will have time to just hang out and chat or actually create something with my favorite hobby! (Or spend time with my hubby! imagine THAT! LOL!) A friend to whom I was lamenting the difficulty of saying no to things I really love to do said this to me, "Kim, it is your daughter's senior year. You should have the time to spend it doing things that you will also love to do." She is right! Thanks, Mary Angela!

So, I am choosing not to teach a class next semester, I am not taking a student teacher, I won't be signing any songs (not a typo, I mean sign language) at church unless God directs me to and I'm not adding any new projects...oh, I don't mean crafts...I mean PROJECTS. I'll still coordinate our thanksgiving dinner deliveries...can't change all my traditions! But really, I know God wants me to stop being so busy busy, so I can find time to sit down and chat with Him more! A car cannot go without filling up on fuel, and I can't go without filling up on God. And in this crazy crazy world there is just so much to PRAY for! I want to give it my best effort...and I will be blessed!

Of course, you all are not on my "no more" fact, this moves all of you up on my "gotta do it for my sanity" list!! Isn't that GOOD? And I may even open up some of those stamps I've had for awhile and actually ink them up. Isn't that GREAT??

I want encourage YOU to reassess your busyness, too....and to take more time out of the chaos to chat with God...He's waiting so patiently to share Himself with you!
I'm so grateful for you!


  1. I hope your life is more peaceful because of this decision!! I know mine was when I made a choice like this a few years ago. It is a good thing to do to become more sane!! Your life will be just as full.

    Have a great day!

  2. I know you'll find rest and rejuvination in your decision.

  3. Oh, Kim!! How amazing! God has recently spoken the same thing to me through my DH. So I have stopped the bridal/formal alterations to allow more time to relax, do some "fun things" and of course housework-type things:O(

  4. what a good decision, you must look after yourself and if that means doing less then that is what you have to do, I am sure it will be beneficial to you and your family, take care :)
    Gina xxx

  5. More power to you, Kim! I like what Wendy said, your life will be just as full! I couldn't agree more!

  6. Hi Kim
    Lovely to be back and visiting your blog sounds like making time for you is a great thing we all need to do it at times in our lives and find the right path for ourselves looking forward to seeing more creativity and some of your lovely creations

  7. I hear ya sistah!! You will feel so good when you refuel!! Its wonderful to know you can do a bazillion things - but we all have to stop once in a while so our brain and body can retool! And of course, we will be the beneficiary of your toning down so - as Martha would say...ITS ALL GOOD!! lol Its taken me years to get my head back on straight from having done an overload of things...and so I am finally moving forward and finishing many things I need to get done so I can move on...but I needed to recoup first...

  8. Kim, how many of us feel the need to fill all the blank spaces on the calendar and then wonder why we feel so stretched! Oh, to take some time out and just rest in the Lord. ahhhhhh

  9. Good for you, sometimes making the decision is the hardest part


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