Friday, October 10, 2008

What the heck?!

Hi friends!

I had a boy once in my class that always said that title phrase when he was surprised by something. I just loved how he said it...with the emphasis on 'heck'. So....SURPRISE! I'm actually sitting in one spot and posting...I know, right. What the heck?!

Believe me, it's been so painful not to be sitting down and checking in. I have been creating a few projects here and there as needed and I promise to post them this week without hesitation....I haven't posted in soooo long!

Here's a start.....

We had my daughter's soccer team over for a "Night before the game" spaghetti dinner. The typical fare with a twist from my DH who made the girls delicious Chicken Parm and Linguini with a tossed Spring mix and spinach salad and garlic bread.

But I made the dessert! Brownies with mini M&M's for sprinkles....with a purple and gold tag for each girl personalized with their name and jersey number! I used Melanie M's set Just So Sporty set from Gina K Designs. Aren't they so cute?! The girls loved them and one girl even put the tag in her locker at school! That is a nice compliment from a 17 year old!

You can kind of see that a few are not hoodies with numbers, but words...using Mel's set, I also made some brownies with special tags for coaches and for soccer fans, too...for the coaches wives and kids. How fun, huh??

I am getting ready for my cruise this upcoming weekend...and I haven't had even ONE MINUTE to pack...I have to pack clothing and stamping supplies for both me and my friend who is joining me....pray I have the time I need!

My daughter's soccer team is doing VERY VERY WELL! After 3 of 4 of this week's games, we are now at 11 wins, 1 loss and 2 tie games....this is so exciting as they have their hearts set on another state title. (they won two years ago). We have been so crazy keeping up with them, I can barely believe I will be on a cruise this time next week. Wow.

To my blogging sisters, I want to catch up soon on all the blogs, but it is so overwhelming I shall have to take it one bite at a time. You are all amazing women...thank you for your patience! To my blog readers who aren't in my SBS9 group: Thanks also for your faithful are ALL blessings to me! More to share tomorrow!!!
Love ya!
Kim Marie


  1. Love those brownies...but the packaging is what makes them! Great idea! You're the soccer mom the players LOVE, right?

  2. Very cool tags! Have fun next week!

  3. I have been thinking about you, Kim! I am so glad to see you back for a few minutes :) You probably left for your cruise already. Hope you have a great time!

    And I love the brownie pack. Very cool!

  4. glad you're back! I know what you mean about time....I keep losing it!! LOL once school starts - something sci fi happens I think....LOL anyway - have a great cruise....and your post brought back memories of Stephanie's field hockey spaghetti dinners pre game! my how time flies...

    ok - gotta go!!!

  5. Hi Kim Marie
    These are lovely, you are so clever. i bet the girls really appreciated it.
    Don't worry you can only do so much in a day. Please don't stress about it. I hope you enjoy your cruise, although I'm a bit late saying that, I know!



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