Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are state champions!

I'm off to church, but I wanted to let you the grace of God, WE ARE STATE CHAMPIONS!

Well co-champions actually. Our girls played (and we cheered) for 3 hours in pouring rain to end 4 overtimes with a 0-0 tie. Thank the Good Lord they have done away with the final "shoot out", so we were declared State Co Champions with Marathon school....which is to say we have two state champions! I told the girls that they are heroes for playing soccer for that long soaking wet! The pouring rains never let up...but they were troopers! We finally got home last night at 11 pm.

The County sheriffs escorted our girls' bus from the expressway exit with sirens and lights to the school (about 15 milies) and the surrounding towns' fire trucks joined the escort from the town line to the school (about 5 miles). It was so sparkly and bright! At the school, they had fireworks and of course all the parents and community members clapping like crazy! It was a three hour ride from the championship site to home and we all rushed to get to the school before the bus (safely in the fog and rain, of course!) It was a great weekend and a tiring night, but all is good!!!

Pictures later!!
O Happy Day!


  1. Congratulations! The girls looed tired, but happy in church this morning.


  3. This is called for a great big huge celebrations! Congrats on the title! WOW, 4 overtimes in rain? You are some die hard football (you called it soccer:) fans! Yep, photo please!

  4. Congratulations what great news :)
    Gina xxx

  5. Wonderful! Awesome! Great! Fantastic! and Fabulous News!!! What a great group of girls...and PARENTS...who also stayed til the end and got equally as wet I'm sure! Both M & K looked "radiant" in church - basking in the glory! I am so proud of them and their team! Go Lady Knights!

  6. Hi Kim!

    (Thea here from Denmark - Mejses sister-in-law)

    CONGRATULATION on your girls achievement - they are truely fighters!! Can´t wait to see some photos :)
    It is heartwarming to feel your love for your family and the way you all embrace Mejse - We can not thank you and your family enough for all the experiences she gets and the love you give...

    I send you and the family a lot of thoughts and love from the other side of the atlantic ocean!

  7. Congrats to the soccer team, and congrats to all the parents who stood out in the pouring rain to watch!!

    Have a great day!

  8. What wonderful memories to have created!!! That evening will live for a long long glad it was so happy (although WET!!LOL) Checked out your posts and love the cruise pics...and glad you had such a lovely shows!



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