Thursday, January 22, 2009

Icicles, 25 years and a baby card!

Hello :) How are you all? Blessed I hope! This has been a week of blessings and God has been so good! Just to share a few of the reasons why I can smile even when times are tough :)

This was the view outside my bathroom window this week...Yeah, that's snow and ice. Ewww. But it is also one of the most beautiful views around this week...even more lovely from inside, LOL! We had record low temps, some dipping into two digit numbers BELOW ZERO! Whoa. Luckily we were in heat wave mode today....almost 25 degrees :)
This was the cake that my friends Heather, Joe and Melanie surprised us with when we went to their house for dinner this past weekend! Our anniversary kind of came and went with nothing special and we were so so blessed and surprised when they made it a celebration! Heather, Mel and my hubby John and I went to high school together! Yes, we still keep in touch after all these years...mostly because Heather calls me, so she gets all the credit! We have been picnicing with our kids for years and she is so sweet to have made the effort to celebrate for us! She gave us a beautiful silver frame and Mel gave us a gift card. So so nice! I will be making their Thank you cards soon, so stay tuned!! :) Below is a pic that was snapped of my DH and I that evening. Aren't we so cute?! We've been dating "together" for 29 years! Wow, huh?

And finally, this is a card I made for my friend Jim and his family to celebrate their new baby boy, Noah {born on Christmas!}. It is their fourth child and first boy! I used some DELICIOUS 85 lb. Sparkles and Shimmers paper from Clear Artistic Stamps to cuttlebug-emboss the card's image...isn't it great how it shimmers even in the photo!? My favorite CB cardstock to emboss is the metallic CS. It came in an assortment pack, so I have a nice variety of shades.
As it was Jim's first boy, I wanted to use a more masculine color scheme, so I also used SU's Chocolate chip and Creamy caramel cardstock and PTI's perfect match chocolate ribbon {hard to see on the bottom right}. And I just love the sentiment.

So all in all, God has been good this week, don't you think?! Be blessed in all you do this week and know that God is!


  1. OMGosh! You and your DH make such a cute couple. Congrats on so many years...Love the card too! LYLT-J

  2. I second QueenJolene99. You & John do make a cute couple! CONGRATS on big 25! What a blessing and accomplishment! Here's to many many more years to come!

    Love the view outside your window. I don't know if I could survive in New York temp! I don't think I have that survival skill. We have been so blessed here in Kansas lately (65° yesterday). Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo though :) And love the baby card too!

  3. Lovely photo's Kim and great baby card. x

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Great photo of the 2 of you! was 52 below zero with windchill here last week! I like winter, but this year is just killing me!

    Have a great day!

  5. Happy anniversay we celebrated our 25th last year as well, I love the icicles I have never seen as many as that in real life!!!!

  6. Ohhhh cute!!!! Congrats on your milestone.
    I love the card, lovely and elegant.

  7. Congrat! on your anniversary... A wonderful accomplishment.... The time sure goes fast.. We are celebrating our 18 this March... What a great ride!


  8. Hi Kim,

    Congratulations on a grand 25th anniversary!

    You and your DH look wonderful and so happy!!!

  9. What wonderful friends you have! Belated congratulations for your silver anniversary.



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