Friday, January 9, 2009

Risking it all to blossom!

This is a card I made using one of my very first Unity Stamp Company Stamps! I first saw Unity Stamps products in real life at the Crafter's convention I went to last summer....I knew I would fall in love with every single one and so for awhile I avoided even looking on their site...I didn't need another line in my budget if you know what I mean?? {or does the fact that the word budge is in "budget" 'cause you gotta MOVE stuff over??? Hmmmm..... } Well, I just couldn't ignore that last banner ad I saw on SCS and I took the plunge....and I was right....I LOVE THEM ALL!!! The stamps come unmounted and were packaged so beautifully in chocolate brown mesh bags! How wonderful is THAT? The stamps are made from red rubber and this image inked up gorgeously! Isn't the font so pretty??

This stamp I actually purchased with my daughter in mind. She is a senior in high school and going to college next year. I would be less than honest if I didn't admit that I am usually teary eyed most days just thinking of her going into the big world without me! Well, to be entirely honest, I'm being left in the big world without her! So to be an encouragement instead of a mom who can't let go, I saw this sentiment and HAD to have it so I could make her a card. Sappy, huh? The floral paper is basic grey's Euphoria that I purchased from Gina K, the ink Momento's Grape jelly and the flower from my old silky flower collection that my gramma gave me many many many years ago! I used my copic markers to color the center to make it look like a pansy and to match the colors of the card (it was kind of yellow-y and I needed purple-y! LOL!) What think ye??

And we finally had a day with less snow...only a flurry now and again. How's the sky look where you are?


  1. Gorgeous is right! Love the sentiment too :)

  2. Very nicely done. Always enjoy reading your posts ans trust me, the whole child-gone-to-college thing WILL get easier.
    (I should know!)

  3. What a beautiful card!

    We had an ice storm last night, so are staying in today.

  4. What a gorgeous sentiment. Love the paper you have chosen as well - one of my favourites.

    Glad to hear about your Mum - you must be so relieved as it has been a large mountain she has climbed but thankfully she appears to be climbing down the other side now.

    Take care x x x

    ps: the flower looks really cool and matches your card perfectly.


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