Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kim needs.....what?!

Oh if only life were so easy as to type "Kim needs" into Google and all my needs would be layed out right there in front of me! According to Google, these are the top 10 things "Kim needs"....

Kim needs:
1. to take off the gloves (well, I oughta....)
2. super effort (well, what else is new?!)
3. a refreshment (well, I do so love mint iced tea)
4. some help big time (well, come on over!)
5. to mind her own business (well enough, thank you!)
6. to talk (well, have a seat...)
7. to shut up and go home (WELL!!)
8. some hints (well, wasn't that last one clear enough?!)
9. our support (well, thank you, dear friends!)
10. counseling (well, I'm not surprised at this point, are you?!)

I am so glad to have that cleared up! It's all for fun, but you may want to see what Google thinks you need, too...you never know where it may lead....type "YOUR NAME" in a google search window and go for it!

Isn't life GRAND?!


  1. How HILARIOUS is this! I typed in Deby needs on Google and it gave me these results:

    1. Deby needs...a saddle! Does this mean I'm getting a horse?
    2. Deby needs...prayer! Thanks you! I'll take it!

    I wish there were more but that's it for this gal. What fun was that though!

  2. HA....seems to be kind of a theme there, Kim Marie!! Too funny!

    Have a great day!

  3. Beautiful cards Kim. Great to run into you last night at the b-ball game. :) Eileen

  4. I'm writing this up for my blog and my name is also Kim. You showed up on my Google list.


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