Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For you!

Happy April 1st! Aside from the fact that today is April Fool's day here in the US, it is also a special day for me as it is my Grandma Arietta's birthday. My Gram and I shared this month of birthdays and that has always been very important to me. She used to tell me she was glad I was not born on her birthday as that would make me a fool. She was funny like that. Interesting to note: My Gram went to be with Jesus years ago on my birthday, April 16th. At first I wasn't too happy about that, but then over time I came to realize it as an honor. We always shared this month of birthdays and we continue to share my special day as a day when she got to meet the Savior up close and personal. Wow, huh? Happy 97th Birthday, Gramma!

This is the final card of the set of cards I made to send to Dorothy. The neat thing about sending the cards? She will give them away to some people who need encouragement and she asked that, if we wanted, those of us who made the cards could write a little note with our names and where we're from. And Dorothy is up in Canada, so now I can think about the fact that cards I created and prayed over will find their way into the hands of those that needed a lift of spirit :) God works everywhere doesn't He? And I'm an instrument of His Peace and Grace! To God be the glory! What a joy!

And today I want to wish YOU God's Peace and Grace for YOUR week! It seems around me I have so many friends and family in need of encouragement. Be encouraged! God is in control and HE SEES. He does! Sit quietly a bit and let His grace SINK IN. Wallow in it. And you will feel PEACE in your MIND, SPIRIT and SOUL! Be refreshed!

And be blessed, my friends!


  1. This card is so pretty, Kim! The image is so cute. You did great colouring it!

  2. Another beauty for sure! What an awesome story about your gramma. What a special rememberance of her. And how very neat that you've gone "international" in the card department! You've always been so in the prayer department... (smile)

  3. Very cute card, I am sure she is smiling!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. Another great card! It's wonderful that your cards will be shared internationally, and in the hands of people who need a lift.

    I loved your story about your Gramma (that's how we spell it in my family, too!!), and can relate in two ways. I always think about how old a person would be on their birthday if they were still alive, too.....everyone's ages are circled on the date on my calendar. When I found my dad's personal calendar after he passed away, he did the exact same thing so I was doing it without even knowing he did it, too. :)

    And, funerals seem to fall on people's birthdays in my family. For example, my husband has had to share his birthday with both of my parents' funerals, and a good friend of mine was buried on my birthday.

    Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the lives of people we love who are no longer with us!



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