Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Kind :)

Thank you for the birthday well wishes and for the cards I received....your kindness goes above and beyond and I appreciate you all so much! This card is for my DH to give to a sweet and generous customer on his mail route who gives him a card and a little gift for every holiday.

These are some more pictures from Easter weekend. We went down to the lake in Charlotte, NY (Lake Ontario) and walked down a pier on Good Friday. It was a REALLY chilly afternoon, even more so on the lake, but the girls braved the elements to walk all the way to the watch tower and here are some pix my girl M snapped of my girl, Kelsey. Isn't she GROWING up so fast?! LOL! I guess these are considered trick pictures, as this tower is about 12' tall!

And here's a close up of both of them in front of the tower...did you notice the little elephant at M's feet? Cute, huh? {I meant the girls, of course! ;)}
My birthday has been full of sunshine and blue skies, so it's been a nice day. I've had a chance to do some stamping and some stuff for a summer project I'll be working on with my friend Betty. Friends like you make special days really wonderful. Thanks for stopping by :)

Love ya!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Kim! I have a card just for you and it's still on my desk :-O

    Very pretty card you made too! Love the 3 colourful strips o' paper.

  2. AH sorry I missed the birthday - hope it was one of your best! Looks like you've been having fun. Hope you also had a blessed Easter. hugs n smiles to you!

  3. Such a pretty card. Happy Birthday. x

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday, lots going on at the moment, sorry

  5. (Sing with me...)
    Oh Happy Days...
    Oh, Happy Days!
    When Jesus Washed...
    My Sins Away!
    Looking at these pictures made me want to sing. Ok, now I'll be quiet!

  6. Happy belated birthday. I love the card. I grew up in Rochester.


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