Friday, May 29, 2009

Always a project....

Hi all! I haven't been online much, but I have been very busy!! Along with the crazy life I lead, including lots of marching band parades and track sectionals and summer soccer for Kels, getting two girls ready to graduate, one girl packed to go around the world, paperwork done for all my school kids and missionary director and preschool ministry duties....I have also been creating stuff like a wild woman!!

I don't know if you all remember my trip last summer to Chicago with my friend Betty who owns a LSS, but we went to CHA, the biggest craft trade show in the USA! This year I am again going with Betty to the trade show as a "creative" consultant/assistant retailer to Betty THE Retailer; and THEN I am helping Betty by designing projects and coteaching workshops in a new and exciting CHA Supershow for CONSUMERS (read that as YOU AND ME!). It has been quite an experience so far in designing....we submitted my first 15 project designs, to have 4 of them accepted fully, 6 of them rejected completely and 5 of them accepted contingently. I reworked the projects, only to have the 5 contingent projects rejected after all, and a request for something new and different. Sigh. I designed new projects and all of those were accepted! Whew. So now comes the material gathering and prepping and "bagging" for each project. When we are done, assuming our classes of 50 people per class are filled, we will have completed 1, 050 projects!! OMGracious! It is an exciting enterprise and I am so happy to give Betty the exposure she needs to go BIG! I've included here a video clip advertising the show! Check it out! Wouldn't it be fun to come see me there? God gives me the BEST projects, don't you think??

I can't share my projects until after the show, but I promise to share some of the other things I've been crafting...soon!

I trust the good Lord is blessing your socks off this weekend! The sun is coming and so are more PARADES! I've have pix of those too! See you soon! Blessings!
Kim Marie


  1. Do you ever come up for air??? (Bubble, bubble, bubble...) Glad you're getting so much accomplished ON TOP OF everything else you've got going!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, how COOL! You get to go to another CHA!?!?!?! AND you're designing projects?!?!?! You lucky duck! How fantabulously FUN!!!


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