Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keeping track :)

I told you we've been to some track meets lately. Kels has several events including a 100 meter race (lane 3 in the pic), a 4x100 meter relay, high jump and triple jump. These pictures were actually at a meet on a beautiful sunny of the few meets where we were not drenched and freezing! All the kids did well, and Kelsey had her highest high jump EVER! (4' 8" I believe!)

Her triple jump at this meet was also the longest she's done this season...her personal best is 34 feet, but I think this meet was like 32 or 33 feet plus some inches, I can't remember the exact just amazing me that they can hop, skip, jump and then land successfully! Way way beyond my skills let me tell YOU! BTW, she jumps 28 FEET before she even lands in the pit! Wow, right? Well, here we see her waiting while some kids cross the track and then she FLIES!! Her "landing" in this clip isn't quite that pretty, but the jump was GOOD!!

And finally, here is one of my recent creations sent as a thank you card to Dani dear who is coordinating a card swap this month with some ladies from the cruise I went on last fall. I had some "scraps" sitting around and I put them together to make this card. Love that Cornish Heritage Farms Vintage Butterfly Set...I used the images in quite a few of my CHA projects!

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