Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marching on

Here's our annual Memorial Day parade in town. We personally have had a part in this parade for 17 years, as scouts and scout leaders and marching band members. I always joke that if it's a beautiful, warm and sunny day, we must have the parade dates mixed up! We hate to have to wear a rain poncho over uniforms and we were blessed this year with a gorgeous day! Hurrah! It is the last year we will have a "marcher", so it was bittersweet....of course we have two more parades to go, so I'm not teary eyed yet! And aren't the band uniforms beautiful? As are the band members of course! :)

Also, here's a snapshot of our lilac tree so pretty! I wonder at God's creations...most especially in the spring time!

Blessed Sunday!!


  1. I can smell the lilacs from here! Gorgeous - both bush and marcher!!! No tears til the last parade, and even then, only tears of joy for a job well done, a daughter well prepared to be launched, and joy for the new season everyone's about to embrace! Your family is awesome!

  2. Just stopping in to say HI!! I love summer but the stuff that goes on before its finally here....YIKES!! Good luck!


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