Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh? Did I forget to mention....

...that I was COPIC CERTIFIED while I was away at CHA?! I know, right? Yes, I met Marianne Walker of fame and I took the 6 hour class with her to officially become a Copic Certified Designer. (OOOoooOOOO). I can't believe it took me this long to mention it, can you? Well, with recovering from the long trip, the computer being on vacation itself for several days and the camera going bye bye everytime my girl leaves the house, it took this long to get the dang picture on the camera, then my laptop and jump drive and now the desk computer! Who says it's all fun and games ?!

And now you are wondering what the heck one does once one is Copic certified, aren't color, of course!! LOL!! Oh, but don't JUST color, but you color really really well! You color and you blend and you color and you blend....all for the good of mankind ;) Well, more like for the good of crafterkind. may remember that my journey with Copic markers began in the post where I won a Copic Set B of 36 markers from Gina K. To be honest, that is still the only set I own...and I thought that was the only set I would ever need. HA! Now that I know more than just how to put alcohol ink to paper, I definitely NEED more Copic markers! So I think that is all I will be getting at Christmas this year. Sigh. I'm so glad God gave me talents to use Copic markers with; He is so good, isn't He?


  1. Wow Kim Marie - that is fabulous - I'm so jealous! I love my copics but still need some help LOL. Hope all is good in your life.

    Hey I need another cruise!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Whooo hoooo for you! Can't wait to see your colouring talents on show.

  3. wowie!! I always knew you were certifiable KimMarie!!! LOL oops - that came out wrong...hehehe....well good luck with the copics...I have some but am trying REALLY hard not to love them too much...ahhh so many stamps so little time!!!!


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