Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

My heart breaks everytime I think of that day.....

Immediately after 9/11, we NY'ers were wont to say, "On this day, everyone is a New Yorker", but really everyday, everyone here is an American. And proud to say so.
God bless every one the families and friends affected by this horrendous act of evil. Which is every one of us. Please pray today for our country, our president, our fellow men and women and our military. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Red, white and blue all the way,


  1. Thanks for the post...I was in two different hospitals all day long...but the second one was in NYC...what a day - for many reasons...Proud to be an American over here too!!!

  2. We will never forget this date,.

  3. Such a sad day in our country's history! I remember sitting and watching live TV that morning as the events unfolded, and still cannot get all of those images out of my head. I don't think I ever will. But I do know that there is no one on this earth that will squelch the spirit of our country!! What a lovely tribute you've done here on your blog, Kim Marie.

    Have a great day!


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