Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacation is almost over...and a new year begun...

Good morning!
Well, back to school...the educators have gone in two days this week for training and preparing for the new year and I guess I'm's always hard to give up these last days of vacation...I always say I need "two more weeks, please" but even given that time, I'd still need "two more weeks, please"...I love my work, but I also love my time off :) Kids return the day after Labor Day, and my university teaching begins soon too! Here we go!

Here are two cards I made this summer for special events...

This first one is a wedding card for a dear sweet young friend who was happily married in August. I am always blessed by a wedding because as I sit there during the ceremony, I begin to "see" the future for them through the eyes of my own marriage , praying that God will always be a part of the their union and that His perfect plans are revealed to them as they go through the adventure of learning to REALLY love one another. It's a roller coaster of joy and sorrow, better and worse, richer and poorer! I'm so happy I stuck with the journey through thick and thin and I wish the best for them!
And I love the couple image from Gina K's Greatest Hits I set for this card...the colors of the wedding were black and white (very elegant!) and so the card reflects that...I also used the ribbon from the wedding invitation on the card for them...I wonder if they recognized it?! I also made an acrylic window in the card, sandwiching the acrylic between the cuttlebugged panel and the card front, both made with Gina K's Pure Luxury cardstock!

This second card is for a young man who completed his Eagle Scout badge in Boy Scouts. He was also one of my Tiger Cubs eons ago and we recently attended his big ceremony and celebration once his Eagle Scout community project was completed. I remember well when he was a cute little 6 year old and now he is all grown up! He graduated with my daughter this year and leaves for the Marines this fall. I thought this card appropriate for his big day.
I used Cornish Heritage Farm's America the Beautiful set, and the ripping technique with Core'dination paper...they were both perfect for this card, don't you think?

I am so excited to see young people grabbing onto the JOY of life. It is such a blessing!
May God bless your every day this holiday weekend! Celebrate liberty and celebrate LIFE!

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