Sunday, October 18, 2009

Honestly! nice! My friend Wendy gave me this award! How sweet of her!
I have to list 10 things about me and then grant this award to 5 other creative people! I haven't done this is awhile, hmmmm.....
1. I love olives. Green, black, greek...doesn't matter! In fact my sisters used to give me cans and jars of olives for Christmas! Yummy!
2. I love mindless trivia...I will read ANYTHING I can get my hands on and love to learn little things about everything! Whether it's a book about something I like, or a hunting magazine, I will pick it up and read it.
3. I learned to weave cloth on a 12 harness floor loom in college and I have always wanted one of my own. They sell them for BIG BUCKS so I've never gotten one, but someday I would love to sit and weave for fun!
4. I love bags....tote bags, purses, wallets, big, small, adorable....I'm not a fashionista at all; most of my bags are bought at the thrift store or garage sales, but it's hard not to get them...many brand new!
5. I miss my grandmother. She was so special to me and she is the first person I want to see when I get to heaven.
6. I have 3 sisters and a brother and I am the oldest. I was the "boss of them" growing up because my parents were busy running a business to keep us in school clothes. I was often "baby sitting" for long periods of time and was responsible for them. I always wished I was not....I wish we could have just been playmates. It still makes me sad to have missed out on that.
7. I hate to shop at the mall or stores. I love flea markets and rummage sales. I grew up working the flea markets with my dad. I can walk around a flea market for 8 hours and not be tired. I'm ready to scream after walking through the mall for 15 minutes!
8. I love beauty and can find it everywhere. Frogs. Trees. Rocks. People. Words. Carpets. Purses. Everywhere. :)
9. I don't like driving. To me it is a mean to an end and if I could have a chauffer the rest of my life, I'd take it!
10. I love languages. I thank my God every day for His Word which is so rich and complex, yet so simple and honest. The bible is one big giant language lesson and a tremendous gift to all of us. God created mankind with the capacity to learn and use languages. It's like He gave to us a rich tapestry of "paints" to create all kinds of masterpieces. Without it, where would we bloggers be? ;)

And those creative stampers? Definitely these are a sample of some of my favorites:
Kathy Kathy uses her stamps to encourage more than anyone I know!
Roxanne Roxy is an amazing card designer!
Etha Etha is one of the first internet stampers I "met"! She has always been a creative inspiration to me!
Lisa I've gotten to know Lisa from the Clear Artistic Stamp forum. She has such a variety of "styles" in her cardmaking, she makes me feel better about my eclectic collection of styles! and she always has an encouraging word!
Heather Heather is also a friend from the CAS forum...she is also an encourager to me and I love her fun and colorful projects. I am always inspired by her and along with her creativity, she is also a generous person :)
Thanks for hanging out with me today! Have a tremendous week!!


  1. Thanks Kim! You're awesome! BTW, we have a lot in common, like a love of olives, dislike of driving and malls, and a love of languages (and the Bible!).

  2. Thanks Kim. And yes, the hip is better, but I haven't been up and around on it yet. We'll see how the day goes.

  3. Thanks so much!
    You and I have a lot in common- I hate to drive too (just the other day I told my hubby if I ever become famous 1st thing I do is hire a driver!) I also love bags and purses- they don't need to be expensive. I like mindless trivia, language and the Bible too ;)

  4. aww, thanks so much Kim, that is so sweet!
    I already do have this wonderful award in my side bar from another friendly stamper :)


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