Monday, April 27, 2009


By: Rasna 69 Copyright ©2009

This is a tribute post to my friend, Gigi, who lost her battle with cancer this weekend. Gigi wasn't all sweetness and light...she was a survivor...she took on whatever came her way and went all the way with it. She was tough and courageous; a person who strives to thrive no matter how hard the ground is. She was a real survivor: courageous and down to earth. She was a wonderful, strong woman who loved her children fiercely and gave her laugh and her smile generously. She was a mom of a child with disabilities, but she never waivered in her desire for her child to do all she could do to grow up like everyone else. Her sense of humor was fantastic and she always made me smile.

Gigi, you will stay in our hearts and minds and someday, we'll see you again, beautiful friend, whole and healed. Please pray for her teenaged girls and her husband to find comfort in the memories of their dearly loved one.

Love ya, Girl!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrate life!

In this world of super depressing news on every channel, TV and radio, disasters and violence all over the front pages of the newspaper and messages of doom and gloom coming from all quarters, we need to remind ourselves that this is not the worst time in our history and God is not bound by our choices, our mistakes, our little brains....He is all knowing, all powerful and very importantly, He wants to bless His children. This has been a tough week for me....a good friend has been told she has only days to live, I lost a beloved Great Uncle and several family and friends are being attacked in a battle with that insidious enemy, cancer.

And yet....I've seen so many new babies, more and more of our friend's kids as well as some of our good friends are getting married, kids are graduating high school and college and we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. Today my family attended an Eagle Scout ceremony for a young man that my DH and I are blessed to have lead in Boy scouts when he was just a kid...and today he received the highest award in Scouting. God is so good! And no matter what, have to look BEYOND the latest depressing news and negative circumstances and look for the GOOD in life. AND CELEBRATE IT!

Today's card was based on a challenge sketch from Clear Artistic Stamp's Cottage Studio Blog.

The card uses several of Belinda's sets including Moments of Lace and Whispers in the Woods. It also uses her new shimmer paper, although you can't truly see the shimmery-ness of it me, it's so beautiful! (click on the pic for a better view) I used my copics to make the design on the cake an a Sakura glitter pen on the bride's dress. The butterfly on the cake is my favorite part...once I started using the Shimmer paper, I couldn't stop! Belinda is having a special in her store for all May may win some FREE STAMPS, or some other bling....go check it out!

Good news!! God is alive and he seeks to bless YOU! We are already VICTORIOUS! Happy Blessed Sunday!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Kind :)

Thank you for the birthday well wishes and for the cards I received....your kindness goes above and beyond and I appreciate you all so much! This card is for my DH to give to a sweet and generous customer on his mail route who gives him a card and a little gift for every holiday.

These are some more pictures from Easter weekend. We went down to the lake in Charlotte, NY (Lake Ontario) and walked down a pier on Good Friday. It was a REALLY chilly afternoon, even more so on the lake, but the girls braved the elements to walk all the way to the watch tower and here are some pix my girl M snapped of my girl, Kelsey. Isn't she GROWING up so fast?! LOL! I guess these are considered trick pictures, as this tower is about 12' tall!

And here's a close up of both of them in front of the tower...did you notice the little elephant at M's feet? Cute, huh? {I meant the girls, of course! ;)}
My birthday has been full of sunshine and blue skies, so it's been a nice day. I've had a chance to do some stamping and some stuff for a summer project I'll be working on with my friend Betty. Friends like you make special days really wonderful. Thanks for stopping by :)

Love ya!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Blessed Day! Praise God for His life, His Sacrifice and His Glory!
He is Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter day here...every Easter Sunday, our church has a big breakfast buffet at the beginning of the service, along with special programming and Pastor preaching while we sit and enjoy the good foods of God's provision! Easter is a celebration Jesus' resurrection, which we know is the "whole ball of wax" when it comes to our Christian faith! How tremendous is the love of Christ in our hearts on this day, knowing all that God has sacrificed that we might become children of Heaven! Praise God!

We were blessed to have all our children here for the celebration! And my in-laws as well! My son and his long time girlfriend were here, along with my girls of course. 'M', our daughter from Denmark, had her first Easter experience here in the US when we sat and dyed hard boiled eggs the night before Easter. It was fun to see the two 'sisters' coloring eggs...and nostalgic for me, because my daughter will be at college next Easter, making it a bit trickier to find time for such family traditions! {sigh!}

This morning we went to church all dressed up for service, and ate yummy stuff. We then came home for a little egg hunt (in the living room) and then Easter basket yumminess and fun, and hanging out. In the afternoon, we had a great dinner cooked by my amazing hubby :) And after dinner, some of us went for a walk near here where there is a bit of waterfall. All in all it was fun and blessed day! :)
Here is my dear hubby cooking his butt off :)

Here are some more camera shots of our fun!

Kal lounging, M doing sodoku
Geoff and M learning to yoyo again since they've grown up :) My daughter K was on the computer and not too much into the mom photographing :)
And our little falls near our house

Here's a pic with me at the bottom and the girls and my DH at the top :)

Hope your holiday was fun as well! :)
Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good morning! A friend of mine sent me a link to this Pantene commercial...given all the awful, offensive and ridiculous commercials out there, this one is refreshing and wonderful and worth a minute of your time.

We have a bit of snow...ewww....but not a lot. Yay! Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wishin' a sunny day to you!

I'm on vacation (staycation anyway) for two weeks with lots of errands to run, but I hope for time for stamping in the midst of it all! I'll be sure to post! Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For you!

Happy April 1st! Aside from the fact that today is April Fool's day here in the US, it is also a special day for me as it is my Grandma Arietta's birthday. My Gram and I shared this month of birthdays and that has always been very important to me. She used to tell me she was glad I was not born on her birthday as that would make me a fool. She was funny like that. Interesting to note: My Gram went to be with Jesus years ago on my birthday, April 16th. At first I wasn't too happy about that, but then over time I came to realize it as an honor. We always shared this month of birthdays and we continue to share my special day as a day when she got to meet the Savior up close and personal. Wow, huh? Happy 97th Birthday, Gramma!

This is the final card of the set of cards I made to send to Dorothy. The neat thing about sending the cards? She will give them away to some people who need encouragement and she asked that, if we wanted, those of us who made the cards could write a little note with our names and where we're from. And Dorothy is up in Canada, so now I can think about the fact that cards I created and prayed over will find their way into the hands of those that needed a lift of spirit :) God works everywhere doesn't He? And I'm an instrument of His Peace and Grace! To God be the glory! What a joy!

And today I want to wish YOU God's Peace and Grace for YOUR week! It seems around me I have so many friends and family in need of encouragement. Be encouraged! God is in control and HE SEES. He does! Sit quietly a bit and let His grace SINK IN. Wallow in it. And you will feel PEACE in your MIND, SPIRIT and SOUL! Be refreshed!

And be blessed, my friends!