Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hoppy Day! {because the snow isn't!}

This is yet another Thank-you card I made for my friend, Becky, who gave me the most adorable frog set of stamps :) That was so very nice of Becky, who bought the set just because she thought of me! :) I have loved frogs forever, with Kermit being my first :) I've tried to outgrow it, but people keep buying them for me and I have to admit.....I STILL LOVE THEM! And I even love the real thing....the "uglier" the world sees them, the more I think they are beautiful! I used a shimmer paper to stamp this little guy can probably see it better if you click on the picture. I just thought I'd send a little bit of brightness your way, 'cause I've had quite a blizzard-y day, let me tell you!! Did I mention that the snow can stop now?! God bless us :) Have a wonderful weekend...and if you don't have a lot going on, would you stop in and visit my SBS29 sister's blogs...they are some amazing artists! Go see for yourself! The links are over here----> on the right column...Scroll down a bit!
Be blessed!


  1. Your card is toadily Seriously it is really cute. I love the image and the pattern paper with the embossing. Great job!

  2. Toadily, where in frog land was that made? Just kidding! Great card. joanne sbs29

  3. Super, super cute! I love that frog! Great job with the colors. Makes me feel like summer is right around the corner.

  4. Love the card and the frog! Lovely job!

  5. Fantastic card Kim Marie, love the paper, embossing & the frog! Have a fantastic weekend :o)


  6. Okay, so I don't share your love of frogs...the slimy real ones, but your card is simply adorable. I love the bright colors, the embossed paper and the toadily adorable sentiment. Great card.

  7. I am not a lover of frogs either- but I do like cards with adorable frogs on them! Lovely card- perfect DSP to make your card very cheery!

  8. You and my oldest daughter need to form a Frog Fan Club....she totally loves frogs, too! HA Really cute card, Kim Marie!

    Have a great day!

  9. A really cute card Kim. I love frogs too, but my daughter is terrified of them. I hope it stops snowing for you. Roll on spring.

    God Bless.

  10. Great card Kim Marie! I always have loved Kermit, too. Fun stamp gift from your friend.

  11. Cute card Kim! My husband is afraid of frogs so this is one stamp that will not be coming to my house.

    Also, thanks for linking up Sugar Creek Hollow to your blog. I can't wait to see your artwork using SCH images.



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