Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Hugs

Hi all! Hope your day is bright! Just wanted to share this with you! I sent a Valentine's Day package to my daughter at college. These little conversational heart sayings are from Pam at Fire Cracker Designs blog...aren't they darling? I used my friend Kathy's classic and scalloped heart Nestability sets and I think they turned out precious! This card is a little 3x3. I included the inside view too so you could see more sayings. Pam from FCD actually designed the page so there are something like 20 different sayings and they could be punched out or cut out easily.

Now, I'm sure many of you probably think that I would put cholocoate in this package...but you don't know my girl! Since she was little, she always preferred sugary candy over chocolate...she only gets one chocolate bunny in her Easter basket (my idea!) the rest of her candy is things like Skittles, Nerds, Ring Pops, etc....So for this package, I bought a few "movie theater" type boxes of sour Skittles and Lemonheads and covered them in SU Designer Paper.

Also, when she was little, my DD had this way with fluffy animals in the store...You know how the big dept stores have a "deal" at $50. worth of their stuff and get this big Christmas bear/moose/bunny/etc for only $10.? And how they would have a million of them scattered throughout the store?? Well, Kelsey NEVER missed the opportunity to hug


It took hours to shop every Christmas. So I saw this guy with the saying "Hug me" and I couldn't resist!! Tee hee!! Every college girl needs a teddy in her bed at college, right? Aw c'mon, it'll match that big fluffy duck she took when she went! :) Love our girl!

Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend my friends! God Bless you all!


  1. oh this is way too fun! LOVE how you used the conversation hearts!! yeah!! You should upload to the FCD fan page on FB!

  2. Great card Kim Marie & very up-to-date :o)


  3. Oh, I should send my daughters one. So cute.

  4. Kelsy's a very wonderful girl to have a very wonderful Mother like you! Send her her Aunties' 29 loves and hugs and kisses!
    Adorable bitty card.

  5. love the little card! Very clever...and the teddy bear looks so huggable.

  6. Thanks for sharing the Valentine day gifts ideas. It was nice going through your blog. keep it up the good work.

  7. hi kim!
    i saw you left your link over at the Sugar Creek Hollow blog and wanted to come "meet" you.
    i have a soft spot for conversation hearts - hubby used them to propose as they are my favorite valentine candy! did you know that there is on average just one marry me in a box? ha! he does!!
    what a treat for your daughter at college - it's always the best to get good mail at college!
    i also perused the rest of your blog - your style is so crisp and clean and simple - i really enjoyed!
    looking forward to seeing future creations!

  8. Very cute! She is going to love it.

    My daughter is the saw way with stuffed animals. She loves them all.

  9. Your daughter sounds a lot like my middle daughter. Has to have the big, fluffy, stuffed whatever. I'm sure she's going to take her giant horse off to college with her in a few years. Love the card you made. Those hearts are adorable.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    What a fun card. And love how you wrapped the candies.

    Your daughter will certainly love her gift.

    M.E. - SBS29

  11. Awesome card- love the Digi images in Conversation hearts- great idea! My daughter loves all of the care packages too- yours is awesome!!!

  12. This is so cute, I love conversation hearts. I bet she loved her package. I always loved getting mail while I was in college. Sure she loved all the thoughtful treats you sent.

  13. This is so cute and the teddy too!

  14. Great card Kim-Marie and the bear is adorable. Your daughter will love them all I'm sure. When I gave my boys their cards, they both looked upwards and went "oh Mum" in a "well we better humour her" sort of way!


  15. It's fun to send things off to our kids who live away from home.....kind of makes them feel closer in a way and helps them to feel like they are still a part of things. Love your projects!

    Have a great day!

    P.S. My college daughter took her favorite bear with her to school, so I believe every girl needs a bear, too!!!!


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