Saturday, March 20, 2010

March on!

Life is pretty busy isn't it? Things come and go at the speed of a freight train at times and all we can do is hold on! Times that are most important seems to go by way too fast and those times where we are bored or scared, way too slowly. It's hard to believe I haven't been blogging since February and harder still to believe March is more than half over. But God has been good and the sun has been shining and I haven't had much time to just sit and BE.

Lots of fun and busy things happening all around and it's been nice to be able to be a part of it--it's what LIVING is all about. We've had friends for dinner and family visiting and of course March Madness brackets to fill in (yes, I am a college basketball fiend....GO SYRACUSE!!!) I've made a few swaps and even a challenge card (here below) for our SBS 29 sister challenge! It's a green challenge and my Mellow Moss cardstock just about makes it. I'm posting it before midnight, but not by much!! Just wanted you all to know, I'm thinking of you and thanking my God you are in my life!
I've also been working on going to Kenya this summer for a mission trip and if you'd be willing, I'd appreciate your prayers as I work on raising the $2000-3000 just for the ticket!! It's all in God's hands, but not without sacrifice...I am going through my stamp collection to see what I can live without to help fund my trip....eek, it's harder than I thought, but not as painful!! I'd post again blessed my friends!! Enjoy my card! Enjoy SPRING!

Love ya!


  1. Kim Marie,
    this is a wonderful card. I love birds and that is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

  2. Kenya...yessirreeee, you're in my prayers. what an awesome opportunity to serve your Lord!
    Great card for a great challenge over at Cheryl's blog.

  3. I just love this card! Ggreat job!

  4. This is so pretty Kim! I really love it!

  5. Hi Kim, I hope you can raise the money for your mission work, my son has just returned from a trip to the Gambia to a school twinned with his own, its very enlightening.

  6. We have a friend in Africa right now- how wonderful- you are blessed to have an opportunity to go, and the people sure are in need for your support and prayers- Bless you in your journey to raise all of that $$$. Your card is wonderful- I love the image! TFS

  7. Love your card - sooo pretty! Best of luck on your fund raising - I will certainly keep you in my prayers!

  8. Beautiful card, you've been missed! Good luck raising the funds for your mission, sounds like a wonderful and meaningful trip. Hugs~Kathy (sbs29)


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