Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer!!! Woo hoo!! So sweet!

Hey there! Did you think I had fallen into the pond and sunk??

No, just been too too crazy busy living to stop, even for a moment, to post or blog hop. Life is like that, isn't it? I have been crafting all along, but not recreationally really. More like, "Oh no! I need a card/gift/little something, like, NOW. Quickly, I must whip one up!!!" Am I speaking to the right crowd, here? Or does this not happen to you?! I know, right.

But good news looms! I am now officially on summer break! I hesitate to call it a vacation, as I have a LIST of things to do this summer, but I look forward to doing them on my time (translation: after having my morning coffee and breakfast actually SITTING DOWN in the living room and not while driving in the car!) In the list, which includes rewriting my lecture packet for the fall grad course I teach, restructuring our preschool ministry with new curriculum and learning a new communication device inside and out, I also WILL BE ORGANIZING MY HOUSE BETTER. There, I said it, now it will be true. Any volunteers?! You are welcome to help!! LOL!

And, by His grace I will also find time to stamp. I am working on some projects there too....a swap or two, a few special "albums" for a friend and reorganizing my stamping area. So for now, I will leave you with a pic of one of my "whip it up" cards.

Here's to great summer weather and sweet days of joy for you!!! Love you all! So sweet of you to stop in!