Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometimes it is about the candy :)

Frog Faithfuls!

I'm among the living! Really! If you're still out there in blogland, Hello! In spite of all my best intention several times this year, l haven't been in the zone when it comes to blogging my crafts or my life...I blame it a little on the "microwave" mentality of Facebook, where it only takes a second to connect with others and poof! You are done! but FB doesn't give me quite the same connection as blogging and connecting with those who love crafting with stamps, so my heart remains here, albeit dormant! So...THANK YOU CHERYL, one of my SBS29 sistahs, who has blog candy up on her blog which requires posting on my blog! If you are interested in GREAT candy, check out her blog here:

I am on summer vacation now, although my plate is FULL of things to do and places to be, l do plan to blog as much as I'm will inspire me to stamp more and visit more with all of your blogs too! Heck, I may even post my posts to my Facebook page. Why not?!
Love to you all and be blessed this weekend!