Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Belated birthday, Gram!

This has to have been the longest week ever!! I am on vacation now, though, thank God.

And since I was so crazy busy this week, I didn't have a chance to post this post in memory of my grandma, Arietta. I had planned on posting it on April 1st as it was her birthday, and though she passed away from this life April 16, 1993, I think about her every day. She was and is my guardian angel! We have always shared our birth month and always talked about how we could be twins and how no matter how big I got, she would fit in my pocket and go everywhere with me! I am 5' 8-1/2" and she under 5'; so little! I named my daughter after her (middle name) and she was the first person I called when my daughter was born. Gram would often joke that only a fool could be born on April 1st. She "fell" for every joke my brother and sisters played on her that day! And she is one of the reasons I so love Jesus. Although our "church" on Sundays was watching Oral Roberts or Robert Schuller on TV, we had scriptures all over the house. They comforted me on many a fearful or sad night. And she is also one of the reasons I went to and granduated from college. She told me I HAD to go...when I was 5! So it was never a choice for me! It just was expected!

On the day she passed away, my aunt called to tell me. It was my birthday! and I was devastated. But as the day wore on I realized that she went to be with the Lord on only one of the two days that would matter to me. And that it was on a date I would always remember. I so miss her still! But I know she is having a great time in heaven, sitting at the kitchen table and chatting with my Great Aunt Betty every day. Happy birthday, Gram!
Love ya!

Just to update you, Brennan is home and recovering in his metal halo...please continue to pray for him...the halo could be on 6, 8 or even 18 weeks....he continues to heal. Praise God!


  1. Beautiful post, and your Gram was a stunner!!!!
    You are so lucky to have had such a fantastic relationship which you can always treasure.

  2. Oh, Kim Marie, I love this post! What a sweet tribute to a wonderful lady. It is amazing what a big hole is left in your heart when you lose someone so special in your life. But, aren't memories a wonderful comfort.

  3. Truly beautiful post, Kim! And your Gram was beautiful! It's a comfort to know she is in a great place better than when we are now. And thanks for the update on Brennan. Prayers are still being lifted up.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother - love this, Kim!! Also, glad to hear that Brennan is at home and continues to show improvement! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


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