Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I love April!

Finally. Warm temperatures! It was in the low 50's yesterday...and we were loving it!! It always amazes me how relative the temps are....in August a 50 degree day means winter is coming! In April, we think it's summer!! We don't have a hint of spring growth yet, but it has to be coming soon!! I'm looking!!

And with April comes what I consider one of my favorite things...birthday cards! I'm not as good at getting them out as I would like to be, but I am blessed by those with a gift for remembering me...and so humbled that someone would take the time...so here are a few of the gifts I've received in my mail box this week! (all from my SBS sisters across the ocean!)

From Natalie in West Yorkshire, UK:

I love hedgehog stamp images...but a hedgehog with yellow roses and a straw hat is just too precious! The DP is all different pieces....gives it so much texture and life...I LOVE texture! And primas! I love primas!
From Suzanne with an 'e' :) in Bristol, UK:

So adorable! Love her toes! And the textures! and the rain dots! She is all around sweet! The butterfly DP makes me wish for spring even more! Love her colors and braids, too! and more primas!

From Louise "Lulu" in Essex, UK

What a unique and lovely card, it's 8" long! Each of the tiny flowers is a separate embellishment...and on the dress it's just so classy.... I love the rub on sentiment on the ribbon with the buckle as well! What a great sketch!! And you can't really see it but the frame around the dress sparkles! So neat! Again, I LOVE TEXTURE!

From Katie in Wales
I am SO addicted to the Tilda images...and this sweet-cheeked little one is darling! The flowers (ahhhhh....flowers!) of the DP match her little string of blossoms and the little prima and button, with the ribbon to bring all the colors together, make it perfect! I have GOT to get that cuttle bug out more!!! (like TODAY!)

EDITED TO ADD: My birthday IS next week!! I was just saying thanks early! No worries! I celebrate all of April....it's good to be alive :)

Thank you so much sisters! You gladden a winter-weary heart!


  1. I am so glad you received your card in time and that you like it. The other cards are gorgeous, I hope you have a great birthday. x

  2. Happy Belated Birthday....so sorry I missed it!! We have wonderfully talented 'sistas' and you received some beautiful cards!

    Have a great day!

  3. These cards are all fabulous! Lucky Girl!

    But, I thought your birthday was Next Week!! I guess my card will be a belated one (and I was going to try and be on time with this one) It's going postal today!!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Wonderful cards - lucky gal!! Happy Birthday, girl!


  5. So pleased you received it in time...I have to say though the post is rather erratic the last time I posted to you it took 3 weeks!!!! Sue :o)

  6. Great cards you received, Kim! All are very lovely! But your Birthday is not until the 16th, isn't it? I have a card ready for you but was holding it until it get a little closer. Maybe I ought to send it out today! I hope I didn't miss it.

  7. whew- glad you edited - thought I missed another one! Now -hopefully I WON"T miss it next week!

    and yes- I am waiting for the buds which have finally come up to open!

  8. cute cards and happy early birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  9. I am so glad the card arrived in time for you birthday. Have a great day.



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