Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sometimes we just do.

Life is busy, crazy, full....alarms, kids, houses, husbands, hobbies, breakfasts, joys, sorrows, obligations, decisions, holidays, lunch, surprises, homework, housework, dinner, snacks, track meets, sports practices, assemblies, awards, concerts, taxi-ing, scouts, 4H, field trips, parades, graduations, birthdays, proms, school lunches, hospital visits, phone calls, meetings, sleep, and then we start all over again!!

How DO we do it? We just do. God is still good and present in times of need and in times of joy. He is ever faithful and ever strong and without His guidance and His goodness, we just couldn't. I know I couldn't. How 'bout you?

Happy Memorial Day.



  1. We all lead such busy lives .. your so right we sometimes forget what is important and what life really means .. loving this card .. the colours are just fab .. lovely .. hope you having a great weekend and thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments .. I love coming here even if I dont leave comments your words always fill me with inspiration

  2. Cool card, Kim! I never feel like a super woman though! Thanks for your encouragement even in your busy times!

  3. Great image Kim. My mum, sister and I were just having a similar conversation this morning about "are our lives busy" or "do we make them busy". Mum says we over complicate our lives now as we all feel that we should be doing more than we already are ! ! Not sure myself but I can definitely relate to your list of activities on the continuous wheel !

    Hope all is well and you Mum is feeling a bit better. You are both very strong individuals.

    Take care, Louise x

  4. What a great image, love the card. Hope your Mum is getting better. x

  5. This is great Kim! I sometimes make a list of what I have ALREADY DONE just so I can focus on that and be encouraged by what has gotten done... LOL

    Thanks for your prayers! Each one is cherished~

  6. great card! And how many things to do....I just focus on a few important things when the going gets tough and pray through the whole thing...hope your mother is doing better and better each day!

  7. Fab card... I love the superwoman!
    Thankyou for doing the colour challenge.


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