Thursday, August 14, 2008

You've all been so patient!! and a Mystery solved!

My randomly chosen winners of my sketch challenge for July are here! (My daughter randomly chose numbers with no idea who was who) You will receive a prize from me soon!
Now, for the Winners names!
Roxanne S (nonSBS9)
Natty K (SBS9 Sistah!)
Congrats! And thanks everyone for playing along!!
Also, I have the color challenge for this month for my SBS9 sisters, so look for my green and purple card soon! Any one can feel free to play along, and I will post all your cards, even though a prize will only be awarded to an SBS9 sister!

I also have a special announcement! Three of my very very talented stamping friends have started their own blogs:

Visit their blogs, drool over their creations and leave a comment or two...we've all been at the starting gate in blogland before, haven't we?? They'd love to hear from you!

And!! Mystery solved!! Remember this post?? Well, it turns out that my mystery blessing is none other than Becky R whose new blog I mentioned above!!! She told me the day before I left for Africa that she had a little something for me...well, it was a big something!! When I checked out this post on her new shiny blog, the mystery was fun!!! Isn't it??!!


  1. I am so pleased to win, thanks Kim and thanks to your daugther for picking my name. x

  2. Congrats to Natty and Roxanne! Both of your cards were great!

  3. So glad you are home safe and sound! I hope you have a chance to craft will all you have to now get ready for...that old adage really fits here, sis....if you want something done, give it to someone who's busy!

  4. Yippeee! Thanks Kim. See you at Deby's tomorrow night!

  5. Congrats to the winners!!! And I am glad the mystery is solved Nancy Drew!

  6. Congratulations Natty and Roxy!!! :O)

  7. Congrats to the winners!

    Thanks for the link to your friends blogs. They are so creative!

  8. Welcome back (just read the about the details of your trip below)!! Need to start working on my color challenge card {sigh}. Congrats to your blog winners!

    Have a great day!

  9. Girlfriwnds are the best aren't they? Hope your mission trip was everything you expected - can't wait to see pics!!!

  10. Just catching up with all the sisters blogs hope you are well Sue :o)

  11. WOW have spent time reading through all your exploits and looking at all your photo's. Really pleased that all went well whilst you were away and you had a rewarding time.

    Take care and catch up again soon.


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