Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 98th Birthday, Gram!

Happy April Fool's day! The sun is finally matching the warmth here and it's supposed to get to the 80's by tomorrow!!! No foolin'! Today also marks my grandmother Arietta Lucinda's birthday. She went to be with Jesus many years ago on April 16, which happens to be my birthday. That was hard at first, but not anymore....because we were always "birthday buddies" and that connection between the two of us has always been a joy and comfort to me! So since she always wanted me to be a writer, I always write about her on her birthday! If you follow my blog you'll remember the stories, so today I will just suffice it to say, Happy birthday Gram! You ride in the pocket of my heart! (an inside joke...she will get it! LOL!)


  1. Lovely to have such fond memories of your grandma. Loved the stories you shared on our SBS group about her, she was a special lady for sure!

  2. She sounds like a very special lady.


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